Friday 4 November 2011

Shine on...

My new babies!! I bought these yesterday to go with some leggings I'm getting as one of my birthday presents - I love them so much, they're so comfortable and look really cool with jeans and with tights :) They were only £24.99 from New Look and I'm really tempted to get another pair soon and paint a nebula on them..I've been wanting to try that for ages and these shoes would be perfect!

Anyways I'm off to watch some fireworks tonight! :D
Two days til my birthday and counting!

Love Ellen xx


  1. Theyre soo nice! I love wedges, the best type of heel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X

  2. those shoes are to die for!:) oh and I followed, just to let you know.

    please take a look (or even a glance!!) at my blog:)

  3. Ah theyre gorgeous! I've been eyeing up a pair of black edge boots for a while but I'm after some lower heeled ones. Are these comfortable?


  4. Thank you for your comments! :)

    Ellie - Of course I'll check out your blog! Thank you for following <3

    Eloise - I wore these around college and when I went out shopping for the day yesterday :) I would say they're comfortable - because of the platform they don't feel as high, but I'm always in heels so you'd have to try them! <3

    Ellen xx

  5. They are pretty beautiful!! :)

    chelsea x

  6. These are lovely, there is a company that paint galaxy prints on to shoes like this. I'd love to see what you come up with! xxx

  7. thank you for the lovely comment and follow! those shoes are amazing, and the nebula print idea is so good! x


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