Sunday 22 January 2012

Dream#1 - Travel around Europe...

Prague - Paris
Amsterdam - Almalfi Coast

At the moment I feel like I'm in a constant day dream about my future, it seems now I'm making more decisions about what I want to do and although I'm still unsure about my career, I know there's some things I definitely want to achieve in my life. I feel a lot more in control now I'm making these decisions, it's exciting and I also feel a lot better knowing what I want...
  A lot of people dream about taking a year out and travelling around the world and I always thought I wanted this too - I would love to visit certain places in Asia, Africa and Australia but the idea of trekking around for a year, unable to shower and cutting my hair short because I'm living out of my backpack isn't really appealing to me...I know there'd be so much to see and experience but my heart belongs to Europe. Its many capital cities and beautiful architecture are like scenes straight out of a fairytale - I know it's far from cheap but I love the languages, the history, the fashion, the food and the cultures. I'm fascinated by the idea of taking a year out after my A-levels and travelling around the continent, my grandparents have been giving me savings bonds every year since I was young so I'm planning on taking these out and putting them towards my travels when I'm 18 - you can buy European rail passes that pretty much let you travel anywhere in Europe over and over again in a set time period...I'd just need places to stay...

I'd just want to explore and see it all, but some places top my wishlist...

Milan - Paris - Prague - Amsterdam - The Almalfi Coast 
 Berlin - The Plitvice Lakes, Croatia - Venice - Barcelona 

Would you recommend anywhere in particular? 
Do you have dreams of travelling? :)

Love Ellen xx



  1. I love Paris, such a gorgeous place!

  2. That's such a cool plan. I would love to take a year off of schools and just travel. I agree with the showering though hehe. I recommend, Paris, Venice, Berlin and Amsterdam. They're beautiful <3


  3. i definitely want to promote the experience of trvelling around africa, india etc. I went to ghana for 3 weeks, didn;t think i could handle the experience of living out of a backpack, but i totally did and i loved it!! It was easily the best 3 weeks of my life. I didn't even care about my appearance in the end, just a bucket of water over my head substituted for a shower everyday and that was that! It was more working with the ghanians, and the adorable children and meeting other travellers that made it soo much fun!! gone off on a rant there, sorry xx

  4. wow! I dream of visiting to that places too! :) great choices! :D

  5. I'm so jealous that you can just by a rail pass to explore such amazing places, europe is literally the other side of the world from here, it's so expensive just to get there!
    I spent 6 weeks in Italy & that was absolutely amazing. I also LOVED Hong Kong, Thailand & Paris - they're all totally different but exceptional in their own ways.
    I'd really like to go to Morocco & Spain but probably won't get there for a while.
    We're hoping to go to Samoa this year so that's something to look forward to :)

  6. This makes me wanna travel so bad! :)

  7. europe is gorgeous, you should definitely come and visit it very soon!

    Travel in Style

  8. I definitely have dreams of travelling, I'd love to live in Paris for a short while and then travel to different places, loved reading your post :)

  9. i really really want to travel. i was supposed to be moving to canada for a gap year in october but i've had to put it on hold or take it off the table, so i'm pretty gutted but hopefully i'll at least get out of the country for a while sometime soon :)


  10. I know exactly what you mean about the constant daydreaming of being anywhere but here! This sounds an amazing plan, you should definetely do it as it would be such a worthwhile experience! I think anywhere is brilliant to visit as different cultures are so intriguing, but can deffo see why you'd choose Europe, its so cosmopolitan! Good luck!! Xxx

  11. All places you said are very beatiful, I Know: Paris - Prague - Amsterdam - Berlin - The Plitvice Lakes, Croatia - Venice and Barcelona, They are gorgeous, I´m from Spain, Barcelona is wonderful, and Spain also are very beatiful Sevilla, Salamanca, San Sebastian...I love travelling and you can see pictures of my travels in, I´like a lot Brugge in Belgium...wonderfulll..Excume for my english, I hope you understand me.

  12. lovely blog!

  13. I want to go to Paris!
    Great pictures!
    Check out my new post! <3

  14. i'd love to visit amsterdam and venice- and the whole of europe! reading this makes me want to go travelling x

  15. Amsterdam and Paris are both amazing, been to both and i love them! They both have such an amazing atmosphere:)xoxo

  16. i love the whole look! you're so pretty xx

  17. I live in Amsterdam and its really nice. Quite close to Paris and London! Shopping isnt great but the atmosphere is amazing! I live on one of the canal houses- best place ive lived so far:))

  18. Lovely photos! I was just in Paris and London a few months ago and had THE best time ever! I want to go back! x

  19. Well I also traveled all around Europe and I take people on tours. You can check me out and i can take u on the tour of your life.


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