Tuesday 10 January 2012

You and I, we were born to die...

Top - Realitee at Topshop
Shorts - Iridescent 
Bracelet - Pandora
Crystal Necklace - Urban Outfitters
Wishbone Necklace - Macys

I'm hoping to deliver on my New Year' Resolutions this time and actually do more outfit posts! I really wanted my blog to focus on these and now having my new camera makes such a difference to the quality and ease of taking pictures - I've also found a good background in my house! It's all a bit of a christmas miracle, so here's to many more regular outfit posts!
I just want to start by saying that I'm in love with these shorts! The studs are applied by hand and with a bit of distress on the denim and extra length on the back to cover your bum, they're perfect - I can't wait to see any other designs Amy will come up with at Iridescent! I have my eye on the light denim shorts with the round studs...they'd be awesome for summer. I thought I'd team these studded shorts with a new favourite t-shirt of mine, it's quite simple but I've been looking for something like it for ages and it goes with everything!
Getting to wear new clothes that I bought/received over the holidays to college is actually going to be a highlight of my week...I have 2 English exams (one on Friday 13th!!), a possible french mock and my maths exam results will be given out on Thursday...oh the joy.

I hope you're all having a great week!

Love Ellen xx

Lyrics in title from 'Born to Die' - Lana Del Rey



  1. I have that top, i love it so much and it looks great on you!


  2. Hey honey pie, I love this outfit the shorts and top are fab, your hair is gorgeous. Love your jewels too.

    Good luck on your exams poppet xoxo

  3. Love your shorts! Good luck with exams/results and I look forwards to more outfit posts :)

  4. Great photos! I love your blog :)

  5. Aaah thank you so much, glad you like the shorts! (:

  6. Love this outfit, you look gorgeous! Love your blog, now following xx


  7. loving your outfit, you are so pretty and have an amazing style !!! Following you now and would be happy if you followed back (if you like my blog, that is :)). Kisses

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  8. I want those shorts now! And lovely blog hun!

  9. Wow I love this outfit!! Those shorts are amazing! Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for following my blog!! I LOVE your blog too and I'm definitely following you now too!:)XX

  10. I love your shorts! Thought it was pants at first. Hhehe


  11. I just made a post with a Lana Del Rey song too, good choice! I love the shorts you're wearing, they look great on you. xo


  12. really like the studded shorts, and the wishbone necklace is so nice!x

  13. I've been listening to Born To Die nonstop, its so beautiful. And the video is eerie...
    It would be mine
    Awwwwwesome shorts. Should seriously start glueing metal onto some shorts :)

  14. wow! your top just soooo amazing! you look great! :)

    thanks for following me.. I've followed you back! :)

    keep posting! :D


  15. OMG! I love your shorts, babe! :))
    Thanks for dropping by my blog! :))
    By the way, I love everything with studs! GORGE!

  16. I love your shorts! When I saw them I gasped. I thought they were jeans at first but no they're shorts! I also love your top, I've wanted a top with a cross on it for a long time now. I'm following you (:



  17. I have a maths A level exam on Friday the 13th too! Such a horrible date for an exam! Haha. You look absolutely gorgeous and those shorts are amazing! xx

  18. gaah, i'm absolutely dying over those studded shorts.
    they're just too rad to be true.

    if you’re interested – i’m hosting my first giveaway!

    xx // themerrimari.blogspot.com

  19. wow dear !! i love this look so much ♥ stunning! totally the style i love so much

  20. Cute outfit! I love your hair. Thanks for the comment on my post! x

  21. stunning style. a little badass, some studs and black, and you've got me sold. your camera takes the best pictures.


  22. The shorts... I want!! LOL
    great edgy outfit!

    xoxo, maria

  23. Amazing shorts!!!! I need money xxx

  24. i love the top! the shorts are great! it gives me a new DIY challenge

    Check my fashion/beauty blog


    Greetings from Finland


  25. omg I love love that top and those necklaces....and I love your bangs!


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