Friday 16 March 2012

Magical Creatures

"The Wildfox girl is a fairy from Los Angeles. Ella's favourite colour is rose-quartz pink. Her boyfriend Sage makes music videos of her wearing lace and floating through the air on feathery pink wings, singing songs about a city where almost everyone is waiting to be discovered and transported up the hill to a mansion with palm trees, jacarandas, a view of the Hollywood sign or the ocean and an indoor swimming pool surrounded by sea-nymphs. But Ella's not waiting to be discovered. She's found herself and when she finds you, she'll bake you cupcakes and sing you lullabies."

Words cannot express how in love I am with Wildfox Couture and their lookbooks - especially the etherial themed 'Magical Creatures' story for pre-fall 2012. I love their entire aesthetic: the styling, the soft pastel hues, the effortlessly cool attitude and the enchanting storyline behind every character, piece and collection. If there was a money tree at the bottom of my garden I'd own every single top in these photos...

Love Ellen xx



  1. Wow, have seen so many Wildfox-stuff lately and I'm always impressed! Love these printed shirts, jewellery and everything else :-) And I like the mix of sweet and rock'n'roll things! xx

  2. oh my goodness, this is so cool! I want to live a life like that xx

  3. Love this look!! The pink pastel and black looks great together.

  4. Wow the pastel coloured hair is amazing! I think my favourites are the bottom 2, I love pairing cute with tough!

  5. uhh, their stuff it to die for! Wish it wasn't so expensive!
    Love the bottom left photo; her piercing is lush! :)xo

  6. I love the colour of her hair so much!!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  7. Love this post, I'm actually obsessed with pink hair at the moment.

  8. ahh these are actually amazing!! x

  9. I love wildfox. Great blog

  10. I LOVE the pink hair - dont think I could pull it off though!

  11. I. Love. Wildfox. !.
    They have such a nice shirts!!


  12. So much love for wildfox xxx


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