Sunday 22 July 2012

America Wishlist!

Casio Watch - American Apparel // For some reason I'm really into watches at the moment - I found a chunky silver round-faced one today in a flea market that needs a bit of a clean and some love, but it was $3 and hey, for that, you can't really go wrong! I think watches look awesome stacked with bracelets (and even other watches!) so a Casio one like the one pictured would be cool, I've already found some cheaper ones on ebay.

Earrings set - Urban Outfitters // I just love these earrings - they'd be great for mixing and matching and the little moons and yingyang symbols are so cute.

Disco pants - American Apparel // Ahh the bloggers favourite, I tried a pair of these on the other day and wasn't too sure they suited me? Hmm I'm still interested to try them again, I think AA's sizes can be all over the place so hopefully I'll get some luck!

Lipsticks - Limecrime // These lipsticks have been on my wishlist for a while now but as I'm in the States I thought I should give them a go! The packaging is amazing and I'm excited to try the lilac shade - have any of you tried Limecrime lipsticks? They seem to have mixed reviews...

Hoodie - Abercrombie and Fitch // Whilst my boyfriend was going crazy in Abercrombie and Fitch spending his dollars, I tried this hoodie on on a whim as it was reduced to half price, I actually really liked it despite never really feeling myself in hoodies, I just want to think of some styling ideas before buying it... If any of you have ideas I'd love to hear them!

Nail polish - Limecrime // As I was looking at lipsticks on the Limecrime website I started looking through all their other products and saw this gorgeous pastel pink colour - the similar Barry M shade I have has run out so this would be a cool alternative to try out, once again the packaging is perfection! I can't resist that purple unicorn design!

Foundation - YSL Touche Eclat Foundation // This foundation has had so many amazing reviews and instead of buying the pricey full sized bottle straight away I'm hoping to get a sample to try - I've been looking for a foundation that'll give me a dewy glow whilst hydrating my dry skin so hopefully this will become a holy grail product.

Hair clips // These could be from anywhere, I just think they look really cute holding a section of hair back :)

I hope you're all having an amazing summer! Don't forget to Spread the Loveliness!

Love Ellen xx

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  1. Lovely wishlist! I am desperate for a pair of disco pants! And those lipstick are such beautiful colours!x

  2. omg, i also want the casio but in the gold version! & i'm in love w/ the disco-pants, awn!
    the pink nail polish & YSL foundation are great items, LOVE them :)
    bisous xxx

  3. Tell me how the Lime Crime makeup goes! And loooove YSL beauty products. The concealer is my life saver.

    Ava Tallulah
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  4. i like these pics!! especially the black outfit, black pants, black shirt. very cute :)

  5. Love it all! The pink die!

    ox from NYC!


  6. i just have to say that your blog is perfect! your style is the best and so are all your outfits <3

  7. YSL foundation is soooo good! You should definitely try and get a sample. Great wishlist! xx

  8. ahh im dying to get my hands on some lime crime!!

  9. Just bought a dupe pair of AA disco pants and I'm in love with them! Think they'll be great for A/W, but yes keep looking as some of the sizing is weird! Love the blog xx

  10. OMG the nailpolish is perfection!!! :-O
    And the rest is nice too haha
    Great Blog btw!

    Love, V.

  11. Thank you so much for follow me darling!
    You blog is so great !

    Huge hugs
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  12. aww love the watch !! :X

  13. The Lilac lipstick looks amazing! And you should definitely get a casio, they are lovely :) x

  14. The pink nail polish is so divine. I love it!

  15. I've never even heard of Limecrime before but those lipsticks look gorgeous! Definitely need to check these out :) xx

  16. Casio watches are my favourite! I have 3. :/ and they last so long to! Hope your enjoying America x

  17. that nail polish looks gorgeous! what brand and shade is it?:) :)

  18. I like those lipsticks! They look gorgeous! :3
    Nice blog!


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