Thursday 26 July 2012

New York Recommendations!?

Hey guys! I need your help! Pretty please with a cherry on top...

I'm super duper excited because on Sunday my Dad, step mum and I are driving from New Hampshire to NYC (arrghhh!) I've been saving my dollars for next week and I hope to go on a crazy shopping expedition (see my wish list here). I've never been before so I've been looking through a guidebook and researching places to go online but they pretty much all come up with the obvious tourist far on my list is:

Central Park
Times Square
Statue of Liberty 
Empire State Building
Urban Outfitters (I've heard it's huuugge)

Then I get a bit stuck...sooo I was just wondering if any of you guys have been to NYC and if you have, where would you recommend visiting? I'm after anything you can think of; awesome tourist destinations, cute boutiquey shops, big brand stores, vintage market stalls, cool places to eat...all of your suggestions will be very muchly appreciated! 

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Love Ellen xx


  1. Oh I want to visit New York someday in my life! :)

  2. I went two yeas ago! If you go to the top of the rockafella centre it views you a great 360 view across all of new york especially the empire state building! I would recommend going for sunset like I did and it will be amazing!

    here is the website:

    I also went to ground zero (9/11 memorial and museum) and it was really moving. I didn't particularly want to go but my parents dragged me along and in the end I was so glad I did.

    You might also want to go to the flagship a&f (if only to stare at all the topless men, ahhhhhhh)

    Have an amazing time!

    Take a peak at my blog <3

    Project Rattlebag


  3. I agree with the comment above! I didn't do top of the rock either times I went [been twice and am planning another trip next year :)] but have heard it's amazing. Empire State is amazing too though! And you MUST go to Tiffany&Co!!! Have an amazing time. xx

  4. Oh New York is amazing - you'll have such a good time. My best friend has just moved there to work for Converse and within a couple of days she brushed past Chase Crawford (her dream man!) So my advice is look out for celebs as there's nothing more fun than celeb spotting! Also, my best mate says that Williamsburg is the coolest part of New York so maybe you should check it out. Have fun! xx

  5. Sorry darling, I don't have any tips, but after you've gone could you blog a list of your favourite places? Hopefully I'm going in autumn, and even if we don't it will still be a good thing to have in bookmarks!

    Pip x

    1. PS - is an amazing blog by an NYC gal, she quite often blogs about places around the city, so maybe check through her posts?

  6. I'm going to NYC this weekend too!! I hope you have a great time :)

  7. Yeah, top of the rock is the place to be, and I would go to Brooklyn if I were you.


  8. Wooo this is sooo cool :)
    Greets from Berlin
    ♥, BronZingEyes

  9. Hi darling! I'm from London but have lived in New York for the past 7 years so I can DEFINITELY help you out!

    I think that thrift/vintage shopping in New York is the absolute best. Here are some places to check out:
    - Buffalo Exchange
    - Crossroads Trading
    - Beacons Closet
    - Tokyo Joe
    - Housing Works
    - Goodwill
    - wherever else you can find

    I also recommend going down to the East Village/Lower East Side if you want to see the trendier/young scene. There are great boutiques down there and amazing places to eat that are not at all expensive. My favorite boutique down there is PIXIE MARKET. Seriously, it's amazing.

    Also go to one of the LF Stores either in SOHO or Flatiron. It's such a nice boutique too. There sale is also about to start soon, wooooo!

    Other great stores are:
    - Brandy Melville
    - Century 21
    - Forever 21
    - Sephora
    - Marshalls

    My favourite places to eat in all of Manhattan are:
    - Big Daddy's Diner
    - Bareburger
    - Thai Terminal
    - Coffee Shop (in Union Square)
    - The Cornershop Cafe
    - CHIPOTLE :)
    - Teany
    - The Stanton Social
    - Vine Sushi
    - Virage
    - Pomme Frites
    - Nanoosh
    - Mamoun's Falafel
    and the list goes on and on!

    Speaking of food, I definitely recommend you get some frozen yogurt from 16 Handles, Pinkberry or Yogurtstation... yum! So good and so cheap!

    Also, as someone already commented on here, Williamsburg in Brooklyn is an AWESOME and trendy area to go to. Loads of great restaurants, fun stores, thrift shops, a food market every Saturday on the water and a flea market every Sunday on the water. It's so easy to get to. You just take the L train one stop into Brooklyn to Bedford Ave. It literally takes under 5 minutes from Manhattan.

    Let me know if you have any other questions or even need a shopping buddy/tour guide hahah. Have fun :)

  10. I went for a weekend recently....I'd suggest checking out the 9/11 memorial, and bryant square park is pretty too. I'd also check out little Italy for dinner sometime (so good!) and Chinatown's cool to walk around/has super cheap touristy stuff (I got postcards there, and it was like 10 for a dollar or something ridiculous like that)

    Hope you have a blast! xx

  11. How lucky, have an amazing time, I've never been but is definitely on my list of places to go :D

  12. Good lord I'm jealous O.o
    I've never been, but if I went I'd probably be checking out Walmart tbh

    The Lovelorn

  13. thank you sweetie :)

    omg, NY! awn.
    i've never been ;| so darling have much fun in the Bigapple! :)
    bisous xxx

  14. Empire state at night time - MUST
    Rockefeller in the day - it has much better views than Empire State does, however Empire state at night you see all the twinkle lights and it's like, wow.

    I personally didn't like Statue of Liberty much, but then again I went during a snow storm soooooo yeah.

    Hard Rock cafe for food is a goodie! (I also went to Hooters, just because my favourite film as a kid they go to the hooters. . .(Big Daddy) is the film if your wondering what films as a child I watched lol)

    I never got too, but my friends went and saw Chicago (but apparently like, allllll of the shows are amazing if your into watching shows, I really wanna go back and see Wicked)

    Central park zoo!
    Soho's cool for boutiques and such..

    Topshop over there is really expensive - and although when I went UK Didn't have the certain necklace/ring I purchased, when I got home UK had them a month later for over half the yeah it's new york - I personally would make the most of it rather than look in shops that we have back here unless you love a certain store kinda thang!

    I could sit and talk about New York for hours, I absolute love it and am praying for my 21st I can go back - I'm now searching holidays to there for January although I want to go in the Autumn time next rather than snowing and rain haha


  15. i went to ny in april but i cant really recommend any tourist destinations other than the obvious ones, sorry; but definitely try Ruby Tuesdays in Times Square. I had a non-alcoholic for $3 and it was free refills, the staff were lovely, and the food was AMAZING! xx


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