Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Space Cadet

Sunglasses - DIY
Jacket - Topshop
Jeans - American Apparel
Top - Topshop
Boots - DIY
Bag - Accessorise

And the award for the most worn top on my blog ever goes to... (drum roll please) cropped unicorn tee! Wooo!
Yeah, I love this top so much and I'm gutted that I probably won't get away with wearing it to college anymore - especially as the headmaster teaches some of my history classes! I don't see him letting me off the hook somehow :(
At the moment I love the look of khakis and army prints with purples and pinks, so for this outfit I paired my new jacket (which I lovvee) with my DIY nebula shoes and DIY sunnies - bored of them yet? I did tell you to warn me (in a kind and loving way) when you got fed up of seeing them, I still love them to bits and I'm so happy that the whole 'spacey nebula' trend is appearing in A/W collections again.

Hopefully I'll write an 'Update' post soon just to let you know about all the busy busy things that are happening in my life right now! Oo and guess what!? My other shoes arrived so you can expect to see them soon as well!

I hope you're all having a great first week back, I start tomorrow and the butterflies are already going crazy in my tummy...ohh what shall I wear eh?

Love Ellen xx


  1. I HAVE to try and make myself some of those glasses - they're lovely! And that jacket is gorgeous! xx

  2. ah loving your jacket
    and your shoes look awesome

    - ordaining serendipity

  3. The shoes are just perfect! Your tee is lovely too :)

    Chic Geeks September Marathon has now begun:

  4. OMG, Bobby is teaching you History?! Aw, I bet he's so cute talking about them olden days. Good luck with your outfit choices on those days though...I can't wait to see everyone in school uniform and I'll just be sat like "yeah, I'm comfy in my jeans" haha xx

  5. Please show us how you made your boots.. they're amaaazing :D


  6. Amazing outfit, as always! Good luck tomorrow, well today :) x

  7. You look amazing, I have a similar jacket it's so gorgeous:)) Xx

  8. awn, that parka/jacket is adorable, i love it :)
    bisous xxx

  9. I love that parka, and the tee! Seriously need to get myself some of those jeans! have fun back at school :) xx

  10. Ahhh those shoes are amazing! Gorgeous outfit xo

  11. I'm in love with that Jacket, gorgeous outfit.

    B xxx

  12. Also loving to check out your blog!
    So cute shoes!

    Huge hugs

  13. Absolutely adore what you have done with the shoes!
    We are new followers.
    JS xx

  14. Love everything about this outfit. DIY boots? AMAZING. I want! x

  15. Your boots are genius! Totally looking at your DIY post :)
    Followed :)

    Robyn Mayday

  16. Just discovered your blog and I lovveee it!
    Great style lovely and those DIY shades and shoes are amazing!

    Eda ♥

    Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes & Couture


  17. haha oh i started sixth form last week.. i have to plan my outfit the night before noww! great outfit! the DIY boots are so so cool! wish i had the patience to do some myself

  18. love this outfit! you look stunning and those boots are beautiful

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my new giveaway to win a MAC lipstick and 5 models own nail polishes!

  19. The DIY items in this outfit are amazing. Those shoes are so cool.

    Ava Tallulah

  20. I have this unicorn crop top too, I haven't seen it on anyone else yet, it looks gorgeous on you :)
    Congratulations on winning my 100 followers giveaway too! :)

  21. Those wedges are amazing and I've been dying for a utility jacket with leather sleeves :)


  22. The shoes and glasses are so cool! Can't believe you made those, so cute! x

  23. You have wonderful hair, love the texture!

  24. We were definitely thinking about this jacket for fall - now we are absolutely sure it's happening.

  25. Hi lovely outfit
    love your blog !!! love your DIY sunglasses
    it would me lovely if you can visit mine


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