Thursday 13 September 2012

Spreading the Loveliness - Part 2!

An update of the Spreading the Loveliness Campaign is well overdue! My follower count has more than doubled since I posted the original page so I wanted to add some more of my favourite blogs and bloggers, as well as telling some of my newer readers what Spreading the Loveliness is all about :)

I'm sure all of you know that 'hate', negativity and bullying can be found waaay too much online, I love blogging but I've seen some really terrible cases of people being brought down and bullied because of a few mindless jerks who patrol the internet just to make people feel bad. An attack on a blog or Youtube channel can seem all the more personal because often, they're a representation of you and you should be allowed to express yourself freely without facing negativity. I know just one comment can be enough to knock your confidence so I just wanted to make sure there's enough loveliness out there to balance it all out - hence the 'Spreading the Loveliness Campaign'! Below is a copy of the page located in the side bar of my blog, under my profile :)

Blog rollin'

My Lovelies
Beth from A blog by Beth
Sadie from Eat-Sleep-Breathe-Fashion
Nicola from The Fashion District

 I love the people of the blogosphere - you lot are honestly some of the most lovely people and I love how supportive, open and complimentary other bloggers can be...aww you guys!

Soo...I want you all to spread the loveliness! Every time you comment on my blog, please click on the commenter above you, read their latest post and leave a lovely comment: give them a compliment or tell them why you like their blog - if you're the first to comment, come to this page and check out at least one of these amazing bloggers! The bloggers in the category 'My Lovelies' are amazing people who comment on my blog regularly and never fail to make me smile - so pay extra attention to that lovely lot! 

Make someone's day and hopefully someone will click on you and make yours!

Love Ellen xx

P.S. I now have a blog button! I will love you forever if you put it on your blog! Let me know if you do :)



  1. This is the sweetest thing Ellen! I hate the negativity which some people post on others blogs/ channels it's just so rude and pretty stupid. I love the idea of writing a lovely comment on the blog whose coments above you! Such an inspiring post <3 xxx

  2. I love Amy Valentine and Fashion Fade!! I always find myself clicking on other peoples names, finding their blogs and loving the content! So many great blogs about so this is a great idea!

    Robyn Mayday

  3. Aw thank you so much for including me my lovely :) You are a beautiful blogger and this is an amazing campaign :) xx

  4. such a lovely idea!
    love your blog too!
    Elle from Her Young Heart

  5. still love this project and thank you for mentioning me hehe :-)

  6. Love this idea so much, deffinately checking out some of the links above ^.^

  7. Oh WOW thank you so much for mentioning me! This is such a lovely post, I think it's important :) your blog is one of my favourite ever blogs so thank you again so much! <3 x

  8. Awh, thank you so much for putting me on your lovelies list! Your blog is one of my favourites, and it makes me smile to know that I've made you smile! This campaign is one of the nicest blog campaigns I've ever seen - in fact, the nicest campaign I've ever seen! You're just such a lovely lady ;)

    Pip x

  9. Such a wonderful idea lovebug!
    Bemsy x

  10. I love this. It's so nice. I just started my blog, check it out


  11. I this post, will definitely be checking out some of the blogs on here! Really like your blog, following you. Would love you to check out my blog too. Naomi xx


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