Thursday 4 October 2012

Decoden iPhone Case!

Apart from getting instagram, one of the other things I was super excited about when I got my new phone was all the cute cases I could put on it! Unfortunately, seeing as how this phone is so new the cases out there right now are pretty boring, soooo I decided to make my own - it's a love/hate kinda thing but I am slightly obsessed with decoden now, it's so tacky but so freakin' cool! 
I ordered some pink and white 'pearls' from ebay, some light blue and clear crystals, Epoxy glue and a clear case - I already had the flowers and snapped the bow off of a headphone plug thing that I ordered, not realising that the jack was in the bottom...
I'm really happy with how it turned out, my boyfriend and mum can't stand it but I just think it's the prettiest thing in the whole widest world, for the first couple of days I just kept looking at it and carrying my phone around like an accessory...yeah I'm cool.

What do you all think? :)

Love Ellen xx


  1. I think it looks amazing! Who cares what your boyfriend and mum think ;) My boyfriend would hate this too haha, I had one similar when I had my blackberry and he thought it was awful! I think yours is gorgeous though, and not overly done like some of them! I'd love to make my own too. Maybe I will soon :) xx

  2. soooooooooo prettty, boys just wouldnt understand :) xx

  3. omg its so pretty, the more jewels the better ;) xx

  4. I love it! And I like what Sophie said about not caring about what your boyfriend and mom think... there are obviously plenty of us girls who admire your handiwork ;).


  5. my friend was trying to find a cute case for the new iPhone but she didn't manage.this looks soo good especially to say you made it yourself :) xx

  6. I love this so so so much - it's beautiful! x

  7. It looks so good, wish I could do the same! And it was lovely to find you on instagram!

    /S / http://

  8. i love it haha!
    gorgeous! great blog, absolutely love your taste and the layout is very fresh.
    would you check out mine? would be an honour!
    thank you!
    Lottie xxxx

  9. Super super cute case! Love it!

    Huge hugs

  10. Wow, you made this yourself? I absolutely love it, it's sooo cute! I wish there were cuter cases for my phone out there as well! :( x


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