Thursday 3 January 2013

Coming soon...

Just some bits 'n' pieces I've ordered online recently...

Sequin top - Lashes of London @ River Island // I got an email the other day from my mum saying that she'd seen this top on the River Island website reduced from £45 to £15 in the sale and she'd ordered it for me for when I get home! I had no idea River Island even stocked Lashes of London but I'm so in love with the sequins and colours on this t-shirt, it's so beautiful and mermaid-esque. I would never have paid £45 for it but that kind of reduction is hard to ignore -for £15 I think it's a complete bargain and I'm so happy my mum snapped one up for me, it reminds me of the Motel Rocks sequinned dresses and skirts but I think the style is a lot more wearable. The contrast of the sequins with the sheer black sleeves and back is also really cool.

Moonstone above-knuckle ring - Shopdixi // Every now and then I have a browse on Dixi's website, they're constantly receiving new stock, both modern and vintage and a lot of it is one off listings so you know you're getting something unique. I love the cool toned iridescent shades that reflect in Moonstones and I thought that I could wear this sterling silver ring both above my knuckles or on my ring/little finger. At the moment I'm trying to only buy sterling silver rings, I hate buying metal rings I love and then having them go bronzy, so I hope if I buy silver rings they'll last me forever. Unfortunately this item was a one-off listing so I can't provide a link, however Dixi is well worth checking out for similar items :)

Swarovski decoden iPhone 5 case - Xsorize Urself @Etsy // This one is a bit of a cheat because it arrived yesterday but ah well, it's so pretty! A new phone case was on my list of things to get whilst in America because my old one has gone a bit gross and manky, so I had a look on Etsy (I could honestly trawl that site for hours) and voila! I love it, it's so girly and cute and sparkly!

Iridescent purse - Deena and Ozzy @ Urban Outfitters // I've been after a new purse for a while now and this one from Urban Outfitters is perfect! As you can probably tell from the colourscheme of my blog, it's my favourite colours all rolled up into one iridescent purse of prettiness (aww). I'm just really worried it isn't going to arrive in time, I fly back on Friday and I haven't heard anything about when it will arrive, keep your fingers crossed!

What do you think of my purchases? Have you taken advantage of the January sales?

Love Ellen xx


  1. Wow that sequin top is gorgeous - so nice of your mum :) x

  2. The sequin top is gorgeous and so you! Love the ring too - just found it on the website if you want to put the link up :) - love moonstone! xx

  3. I adore that sequin top - it's amazing! xx

  4. ooh nice that ring looks really pretty :) xx

  5. The colours in this post are so damn pretty. I might have to get my hands on one of those purses. My Urban Outfitters orders always have a tendency to arrive JUST in time. I ordered some Christmas presents from UO and they arrived on Christmas Eve! xx

  6. i LOVE the moonstone ring. you have amazing taste darling!

  7. aaaw i love the phone case and purse- so cute!

  8. I didnt know RI stocked lashes of london either, what a bargain and that is so cute of your mum!! Love the colours, theyre gorgeous


  9. The top and the iPhone case are amazing!
    Loved your blog and your pictures (:


  10. Love the ring so so much!! Could you please consider following each other? I hope you like my blog,
    I 've been blogging everyday!

  11. thanks dear & happy new year :)

    ps: awn, i'm a huge fan of sequins, specially in golden shade & adorable ring dear! x
    bisous x

  12. .

    É triste você viver
    sozinha e ser acordada
    em plena madrugada
    pelos sussurros do quar-
    to ao lada onde um casal
    apaixonado se entrega
    ao sublime ato do amor...

    Hoje, no meu blog.




  13. So super cute, I am looking forward to see it!

    Huge hugs


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