Thursday 17 January 2013

Ebay Basket #1

I've been rather addicted to eBay recently, it's just so much cheaper than the highstreet and you can find great dupes and unique items. Here are just some of the things currently on my Watchlist...

I almost died when I found these - they're so pretty (the watermark on the photos annoys me but ah well). At £14.42 they're slightly pricey but the P&P is free so I couldn't resist and treated myself to the pair on the right, if you're gonna go for it you might as well get the craziest ones right? My second choice is the flowery black pair, they're the slightly more versatile option but I honestly love them all (there's 8 designs in total). I can see the start of an elaborate sunglasses collection here...

White kitten top (child's XL is a size 6-8) - £13.00

I love these tops - everyone else I know is freaked out by the cat but I think it's so cute! The Celine top is such a classic, I've seen it on a lot of people but never expected it to be that cheap - unfortunately at the moment it's only available in XL so I've added it to my watchlist in the hope that they'll restock sooner or later!

The Shoeniverse 
Hellbound dupes - £26.99
JC The Shadow dupes - £16.99 

The hellbounds aren't usually my thing but I know a lot of people lust after them so it's only fair to share this awesome dupe with you - they're available in red, black and blue at only a fraction of the price of the originals! Personally, I can't decide between the other 3 - I have the lilac version of the turquoise platforms and they're the comfiest shoes I own! I think they'd look super cute with the cat tee and leggings - the platform chelsea boots would look cute with frilly socks though! Hmm decisions decisions..

What do you think of my finds? Have you discovered any gems on eBay recently?

Love Ellen xx

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  1. I NEED some of those sunnies! I'm definitely adding them to my wishlist, won't buy just yet as I've gotta be careful with my money but I'll definitely get some soon, for my holiday :D Thanks for the heads up! xx

  2. Love those hellbound dupes! They are amazing
    Love the sunnies too :)

    Check out my blog?

  3. aaahhh i love ebay! im more into bidding pieces because i dont like ordering from china bc of environmental stuff etc but i think this celine top is amazing. lately i saw the kenzo tiger fake pullover and beautiful black/metallic sunnies :-) ebays perfect!!

  4. I love the celine top, defiantly need to pick one up myself. And those shoes!

  5. Those rose glasses are the nuts xx

  6. The sunglasses are insane! I fell in love with them when you mentioned the originals on your blog a while ago but I couldn't pay that much for them. I never thought to look on ebay! I may possibly need to get my hands on a pair of both. I'm going to do a similar post soon with some of my tried and tested ebay purchases so keep an eye out for it! I've also done a post on my best ebay find yet:

  7. those sunglasses are amazing! I might try and DIY some..xx

  8. I've become addicted to it too! Will definitely be adding that celine tee to my watchlist!!

  9. The glasses are gorgeous, so vintage very s/s13

  10. Love the hellbound dupes and the sunglasses are amazing as well!


  11. I love eBay I buy way too many things from there. I really love the shoes you've picked!
    Daniella x

  12. This post just saved me hours of scouting for the Celine tee. I see it on tumblr all the time but have never seen one to purchase!

  13. Loveeeeeee those sunnies. Totally agree with you. Omg those first shoes. Are to die for. So getting. Thankyou for sharing xxxx

  14. Oh my the cat tee is so perfect and same with the sunglasses! Your style is so lovely xx

  15. OH MY GOD THOSE GLASSES ARE AMAZING i need them now- love this post! xx

  16. Those glasses!!! <3 You have such amazing taste...
    Thanks for posting!


  17. in love with these glasses! I think i might need to get the middle white pair, they'll be perfect for S/S13! thanks for sharing them! x

    Sara x

  18. those sunglasses are adorable:}so springy/summery looking;}X


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