Thursday 31 January 2013

Tattoo appreciation post

Possible meanings...
Crescent moon"waxing" meaning getting fuller a little bit every day. It symbolizes good bounty, growing stronger, collecting good luck, and all sorts of growing and collecting of good things. Some people also believe that the moon represents the inner child in all of us.
DreamcatcherAccording to Native American mythology, this is a protective covering that stops the bad while letting the good pass through.
Unicorn - I could make something up for this one but let's be honest, it's just plain awesome.
Arrows - protection and defence, more than one arrow symbolises strength and to some people they're a reminder of direction and aims in life.
Infinity symbol - endless perspective and life without boundaries.
Anchor - I love the saying on that particular tattoo but the anchor itself is a symbol of hope and stability.

Up until now I think my view on tattoos has been slightly jaded by that of those around me, they're a love/hate kind of thing and I know a lot of people who can't stand them! As I've gotten older I've realised that I love small tattoos and if they weren't completely permanent I'd have about 4 in a heartbeat. Even the idea of having them when I'm middle-aged or elderly doesn't put me off, tattoos are meant to be enjoyed whilst you're young and I think they'd be nice to look at when you're older and remember the good times you had, as long as they weren't on show 24/7 and the design was significant to you in some way. The designs above are just some of my favourites, I love the idea of the dreamcatcher on a small scale and the moon, arrows and unicorn are my favourites..don't worry though, I don't plan on having a unicorn permanently drawn on my skin! Now that would be one to regret when you're 40!

What do you think of tattoos?

Love Ellen xx


  1. I love the idea of the crescent moon! Gah reading these posts makes me want so many tattoos!! I used to hate them but now ghehbfjh I love them!

  2. I love the dream catcher. I completely agree on everything you said; for me there's never been an issue with having a tattoo when I'm old :)

  3. love the cresent moon.
    and agreed, i love small tattoos especailly if they all have some meaning to you.
    Don't worry i don't think a unicorn would be that bad compared to some of the other tattoos people will have when they turn 40! x

  4. I feel the same, I'd quite like a little teeny one. My boyfriend hates the idea! x

  5. I love smaller tatoos as well, the crescent moon is so cute


  6. I'm kind of in two minds about tattoos, for so long I've really wanted 2 small ones (like the crescent moon) but now I'm not too sure about the prospect of being scarred for life, although they do look beautiful ! xo

  7. I have a music note on my ankle and am getting a disney quote on my shoulder I love them xx

  8. I'm totally pro tattoo as long as they are well done, nothing worse than a bad tattoo in an obvious place! I currently have three flowers on each foot but I'm planning to expand up to my ankle on both and I have my mum's favourite flower on my wrist. I'd definitely have more but I like having the option of being able to cover them if I wish! Great post!

  9. I love tattoos! I personally won't be getting one until I can think of something meaningful enough but I love them on other people and I really want one, those arrows are gorgeous!

  10. I love the infinity one. I'd have that on the back of my neck :) I have a tattoo..I said I'd never get one but when it means something to you you'll never regret it x

  11. looooove the dream catcher one! so pretty- ow i want a tattoo so badly xx

  12. Hahaha already got a unicorn permanently drawn on my skin!x

  13. This post is making me want to get another! I like tattoos that look nice but have real meanings and that are personal to the person seeing as it's on their skin!


  14. I adore tattoo's.
    I have four and they are so addictive. I like the idea of the half moon and arrows.
    JShannon Beauty, Style & Life


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