Tuesday 9 April 2013

USA Haul: Brandy Melville, UO, All Saints & Drugstore

Cat vest and bralet- Brandy Melville
Tiger top - All Saints
Ganesh top - Urban Outfitters

I'm really excited about this post - 1) because I love everything I got in America and can't wait to share it with you and 2) because when I came home my mum had painted my walls white so my room is now bright and pretty and perfect for taking photos in, I love it and I don't know about you but I can see a massive difference in my pictures already :)
Anyways, onto what I got! We went to Boston last Tuesday and that's where I got all of the clothes you can see here, I fell in love with the tiger print top in All Saints and my Dad said he'd get it for me as a treat, I just think the print is so beautiful and the style and colour of the top is so cool, I can't wait to style it up with denim cutoffs and my leather jacket.
It was on our way to Urban Outfitters that we stumbled across a Brandy Melville store, I had been to the one in NYC before and really liked it so I was excited to see they'd got one in Boston, turns out they'd only been open a couple of days so we timed our visit perfectly. I bought the black cat vest for $15 and the bralet for $19, which is a complete bargain as I know I'm going to get so much wear out of both pieces, that kitty is just so darn cute!
I saw the Ganesh top in Urban Outfitters and really wanted to try it on, it looks really pretty paired with an orange lipstick and I can't wait to wear it in the summer.

Moving onto beauty and drugstore items, I picked up the Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Waterproof and Revlon Colourstay liquid eyeliner from Walmart and after hearing amazing reviews, ordered Pravana pink hair dye and a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush online, also throwing this shimmery nude eyeshadow in my basket which is a shade I've been hunting down for a while now! If you'd like to see any reviews on these products just let me know in the comments!

What do you think of what I got in the USofA?

Love Ellen xx


  1. Covergirl is meant to be amazing! I love love love that Ganesh top <3 xx

  2. I love that Tiger top it's gorgeous! <3

  3. Amazing haul! I love the tops you got, the prints on the front are so unusual and unique. I can't wait to move now, you've made me super excited!

  4. such a good haul, grr I just want to live in America! The Ganesh top is gorgeous, can't wait to see it in an outfit post (hint hint ;) )

    Pip x

  5. Ah I so want that cat top, thats too cute and I love the bralet as well! Great purchases :)

  6. Ooh this is the exact kind of haul I've been looking for!
    My boyfriends going to NY in the summer and asked if I wanted anything, but I didn't really know what was cheap!
    Which drug store products would you recommend to ask for?
    Was the Real Techniques brush cheaper? :)

  7. i adore all the stuff on the brandy melville website, it's a shame they're not in the uk! xxx

  8. Love the little cat vest babe, so cute xx

  9. ahh such awesome style! love the uo tops xx

  10. I'd love to try covergirl and you always find the coolest tees and vests!

    A little bit Unique


  11. I instantaneously recognized that Brandy and Melleville bralet :)



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