Thursday 2 May 2013

DIY - Changing the buckles on my Topshop Aubrey Boots

Cutout boots - Topshop Aubrey Boots
Nail polish - Barry M Chameleon Lilac, 332

I've wanted a pair of cutout boots for ages now, but being as small as I am, I didn't like any of the ones that were too flat and clunky because they made me look like some sort of clown/lesbian/short person/lady with disproportionally-large-feet-syndrome. Soo when I saw the Topshop Aubrey boots with their 3 inch chunky heel and grungey cut-out detailing it was love at first sight, with just one problem...they had gold hardwear (dun dun duuuuunn). Those of you who know me will know that I do not like gold, I don't wear gold jewellery, gold accessories or anything with the faintest bit of gold detailing whatsoever...I just don't like it, I'm a cool-toned gal at heart ya see. So, stupidly, I gave these bad boys a miss when I tried them on in Nottingham a couple of months back; I thought the issue of the dreaded gold buckles was a deal-breaker in our seemingly doomed relationship. As soon as I got in the car to go home I knew I should've bought them, and thus began the long and difficult task of tracking a pair down - all of a sudden they were sold out everywhere, and I mean everywhere! I was watching a pair on eBay that ended up selling for over £100 when the retail was only £75!! (I think anyway) By this point I had pretty much given up hope, until another pair popped up on eBay and in the last couple of hours had 17 watchers and a bid of £36, I couldn't resist and went for it. By some sort of miracle these boots were mine for £40!! 
However, there was still the issue of the gold buckles...I have to admit, I took a bit of a gamble here but I'm so happy with the results! All I did was paint all of the visible gold hardwear with my silvery-lilac nail polish, it didn't take too long and I am in love with the purple tint to the colour! I now wear these constantly and have been getting slightly too excited about all the cute glittery/lacey/netty socks I have bought to wear with them!

What do you think of this DIY?

Love Ellen xx


  1. they look gorgeous! I'd never have thought of using nail polish, but it looks like it's worked!x

  2. gorgeous boots! really good DIY idea :) would never think to use nail varnish, might have to back pocket this one for future reference haha xx

  3. Oh my god that is such a good idea! It looks so good too!!

  4. Omg these look AMAZING! Love the fact they're lilac-y not just silver... so beautiful! x

  5. Great DIY! Those boots are so gorgeous oh my god! x

  6. What a great idea! They turned out amaaaazing x

  7. Love the DIY and the boots are amazing!
    - xx

  8. I absolutely LOVE these boots! xo

  9. This is such a good idea!!! I'm the same with not wanting to wear gold and was put off by a few similar boots because of this, but I might re consider now!


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