Saturday, 20 July 2013


For the most part, I'd like to think of myself as a strong, independent woman (clicks fingers from side to side in a sassy yet dramatic manner) - Destiny's Child, you taught me well. However in this particular instance, I need your help on a very troubling issue of indescribable seriousness...what colour should I dye my hair for A/W 13?!
After leaving my hair to return to its bleached blonde tones post-pink hair dye, I have to admit its annoying the pants off of me, I've decided that being realllly light blonde is just not working anymore and that it kinda washes me out and quite frankly, I'm just bored of it. With a degree of sadness I've also ruled out pink for the colder months, for the single superficial reason that my winter wardrobe will mean breaking out the reds and the burgundies which will totally clash and leave me feeling like a numpty. Plus, tartan is set to be huge for A/W 13 and who would want to miss out on that?

As a result, I'm now completely stuck between these 3 options and would be extremely grateful if you'd help me decide!

Option 1 - A darker, more grungey blonde

1) Easy to maintain and healthier for my hair as it will require less bleach and is closer to my natural hair colour
2) It will go with any colour clothing I fancy wearing
3) It's not too scary to undergo
4) It will make my skintone look less pale and washed out

1) Is it boring?
2) All 3 images are a bit different and I have no idea which one I prefer

Option 2 - Bluey grey

2) I like my hair being a different colour that stands out

1) It's hard to maintain and will probably damage my hair more
2) You get the awkward in between shades of bluey-greeny-blonde
3) I have no idea whether or not this would suit me

Option 3 - Lilacy grey

1) See first 2 bullet points of option 2
2) I'm more confident that I could pull off lilac

1) See first bullet point on option 2
2) Awkward inbetweeny colours

What a predicament eh? After writing the pros and cons I feel like I've just told myself to go for option 1 but there's also the point that whilst my hair is bleached I might as well just try as many crazy colours as possible..or should I be sensible, as it may be difficult to get a job in my A2 year with 'out there' locks... HEELLPPP!

Love Ellen xx


  1. I've always wanted bluey-grey hair, I think it'll look amazing! x

  2. lilac or bluey-grey, pastels are gorgeous in the summer!xxxx

  3. The last picture of blonde is a really really nice colour. One problem I find with coloured hair (non-natural tone) is that it goes with less colours, it's harder to get dressed ugh.

  4. I love the grungey blonde, I think it would look amazing on you!:) Love the first image-it's such a nice shade! Hope you have a great weekend Ellen :) Xx

  5. I reckon bluey grey would look amazing on you! Grungey blonde would look fab as well, not boring at all xxx

  6. That bluey grey hair is fantastic and would look good on you! x

  7. ooo if you are gonna go for it, the lilac or blue grey are perfect

    ordaining serendipity

  8. The bluey grey and lilac grey are amazing. I want my purple hair back now :'(

  9. I followed you! Love your blog! Followe back on google and bloglovin'!

    Have a great day!


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