Monday 24 March 2014

Current Hair Inspo

All images from Pinterest

Ever since I got my roots done a couple of weeks ago I've been wanting to change my hair, I'm just bored of the bleached blonde now and am after something slightly darker! I'd like to keep it fairly cool-toned but I love all of the example above…

What do you think?

Ellen xx


  1. i really want to change my hair colour at the moment too, but i want to go your beautiful white blonde! this would look great on you also, but i do love your hair!
    ellie x

  2. Aaah Perrie's hair looks gorgeous, I think you'd really suit that kind of colour/style!

    Megan xo

  3. first picture looks AMAZING

  4. ahh i'm the same way! love ashy colors, but my decision to go darker blonde was more bc of the rate my medium/dark brunette hair grows out, and the way my complexion looks with lighter blonde shades i'd been playing with. kate mara's a beautiful example, esp bc she ombres down to platinum if you wanted to keep some lighter pieces. but this darker blonde is the happiest i've been with my hair color in a while!! :)

    juliet x


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