Thursday 6 March 2014

Shades of Grey

I've been feeling really inspired lately and one of the things I've been particularly drawn to has been grey hair - combined with lilacs, silver tones and blues I just absolutely love the effect it creates, especially with a monochrome outfit. 

What do you guys think?

Ellen xx



  1. I love this trend on people, but could never ever pull it off

  2. I was tempted to do this but I was worried it would make me look even more pale than I already look!

    Jaynie Beauty & Style - I Follow Back. xox

  3. Please do this! For someone like me who would dream of doing it but never take the plunge. I'm sure it would really suit you and I love the purple undertones to it xx

  4. I think it's a great look. An ombre grey to lilac would be fabulous. If you're up to the challenge of the upkeep of it then go for it.

  5. I absolutely love grey hair, it's a shame that it's so difficult to achieve and maintain! Beautiful images!


  6. I'm in love with the grey hair trend but I'm way too tan for this color. Love the images you picked out x

  7. I really want have this color, but i'm too scared that my look will be like and old lady :(


  8. I want to dye my hair grey/lilac so bad (or ginger, but that's not relevant!) but as I wear extensions I'm worried they'll dye a different colour to my hair!!

  9. Definitely loving this grey hair trend! Really wishing I could pull it off!
    xo TJ


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