Monday 16 June 2014

Get in my wardrobe #20: Boho Grunge

Dress & Playsuit - Missguided
Industrial Boots - Dr Martens
Black Top & White Top - Topshop
Shorts - Topshop

I'm absolutely loving the idea of boho/grunge style this summer, especially in monochromatic colours. Dr Martens aren't usually the kind of shoes I would go for but with the distressed shorts contrasting with the strappy lace peplum cami I think they'd fit perfectly; not to mention how cute they'd look offsetting the ultra-girly, white button-down dress. The bell-sleeve white playsuit is also something I wouldn't usually go for, but I've seen so many bloggers embracing their inner hippie recently that I'm strangely drawn to it, especially with the black fedora... I needs to get me one of those too!

What's on your summer wish list?

Ellen xx


  1. Definitely get a fedora, don't know what I did before I got mine! Just adds something to every outfit (and keeps ya head dry when it rains!) I love that black Topshop top, how cute are the pom poms? x

    Josie’s Journal

  2. The black Topshop top and the right hand side playsuit are gorgeous! <3

  3. The black Topshop top and the right hand side playsuit are gorgeous! <3

  4. love the shorts! they're perfect

    from helen at

  5. That dress & playsuit are gorgeous! :D x

  6. love the items you picked and they would totally look killer with a pair of grungy boots.

  7. Love all these items, definitely boho grunge!

  8. Such a fabulous compilation! :)

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