Sunday 8 June 2014


1 - Ready for summer now after an Asos haul
2 - First ever depop purchase!
3 - I've been on a bit of a green tea hype recently so I thought I'd try this one out
4 - Buying cute stuff for uni (mugs from Homebase, plate and bowl from Wilkos)
5 - Iridescent pink nails, the photo really doesn't do them justice
6 - Shameless selfie to avoid doing anything that's actually productive
7 - Testing out a side-fringe with my new hat (I'm not too sure)

Seeing as how I took a few weeks off blogging to focus on my exams, I thought I'd fill the gap with a collection of my instagram photos from the past few weeks. I have four A-Level exams in total and three are over now, so far they've all gone quite (surprisingly) well so I'm both relieved and really happy. The one exam that could have completely jeopardised my chances of getting into my first choice university couldn't have gone any better so at the moment, life is good! As well as revision, I've mostly just been building up my summer wardrobe and adding to my slowly expanding collection of items for university, I had a really set idea on what I wanted so I'm gradually finding the pieces of my dreams - for really affordable prices too! I've also been trying to stick to my health-kick and with that comes drinking green tea once or twice a day, I've been alternating between lemon and salted caramel flavours and so far and I enjoy both (although I have to admit the salted caramel is by far my fave).

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What have you been up to recently?

Love Ellen xx



  1. glad to hear exams are going well! i've still get 7 more to go..... but i'm so excited for summer! Also looking forward to the chance of re-vamping my wardrobe ready for the start of uni too. :)

  2. Happy to hear that your exams went well! My exams were alright this summer, I've just finished them so I can relax now until results day ahhh! I found my one of my Biology AS papers the hardest though, fingers crossed that the grade boundaries are lowww! Love your nails in the 5th picture, the colour is gorgeous x


  3. Your nails are amazing, so jealous! That salted caramel green tea sounds really good, I definitely want to give it a try x

  4. I love that croptop! and the rings!!!


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