Saturday 30 August 2014

Currently Loving: Tribal Septum Rings

Images via Vidakush

Ever since these photos popped up on my Instagram I've been a bit obsessed with this look. It's not something I would usually go for but I just think these tribal septum rings are so unique looking, I love how intricate and pretty some of them are and the contrast this then throws up to the stereotypical idea of body jewellery. I've been looking online and have my eye on this one and this one and I might just go for it, they're clip-on so what could go wrong?! It's just like a piece of jewellery for your face…

What do you think of this look?

Love Ellen xx


  1. Very cool way to change up your look!

    Jennifer Jayne xx

  2. i love them too! Vida Kush ones are beautiful x

  3. awesome!! and to think that the thought of a simple nose stud is posing to be a mighty challenge for me... look at these! clip ons are always a good idea. check out our recent post, it is a uni packing check list and might come in handy!!

    Ammie and Sharrie (:

  4. I'm in love with this septums *-* I want them!

  5. I am in Atlanta and would like to try a cuff before I get this piercing. As of right now my friends are telling no (I think it's because they can't see me in it), I haven't mentioned it to my family either! I've been thinking about this piercing for atleast 3 months. If you know of a place here where I can buy a few cuffs please let me know! Thanx

  6. I have no idea if my message I am in Atlanta and would like to know where to buy a few septum cuffs before I pierce my nose! Thanx


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