Friday 26 September 2014

Full Triangl Swimwear Review

I feel like I have a backlog of blog posts that I really should have done by now, but this one is probably the most delayed! At the start of July, the lovely people at Triangl asked me if I wanted to be gifted a set from their site, and as someone who had spent the weeks previous drooling over their collection I jumped at the opportunity. Now, after a summer of testing my bikini out, I can finally provide you with a full review!

First of all I think it's important to mention the amazing service that Triangl provided me with: the website is equipped with a live chat that allows you to talk to their staff about sizing whilst you shop, furthermore my bikini arrived within a week, and considering it came all the way from Australia I was pretty damn impressed with that!

I chose the set 'California Coral' and although it is a lot more orange-coral in real life than I was expecting, these colours have been chosen specifically to look AMAZING with a tan, I mean seriously it's like magic. Based on the sizing guide online I chose a size XS in the bottoms and a Large in the top and I do think this was the right decision (I am a UK size 6 and a 32DD). I think a lot of women will appreciate the fact that Triangl give you the option to mix and match top and bottom sizes for every set, a majority of us aren't the exact same size all over and as someone with larger boobs for my body size I often struggle with buying bikinis - this option just makes bikini shopping so much easier.

Now, onto the main question I wanted to answer - do Triangl bikinis work for larger boobs? I've seen a lot of girls on the fence over whether to invest in one because they're a D+ cup size and most of the images circulating the web are of gorgeous girls with smaller chests. First things first, I think this bikini top is ridiculously flattering if you have boobs, but personally I don't think it's the most practical. I do think that these bikinis are mostly made for the smaller chested community, the 'cups' have no structure in them or shaping for larger boobs and this means they often just sit over your breasts instead of supporting them underneath, I had quite a few moments on holiday where the triangle cup was riding up leaving me with fairly obvious 'underboob' on show, which wasn't exactly ideal! As far as sizing is concerned, I think I agree with Triangl's size guide in that an XL for an E cup is probably the largest they could cater for, but even that would be at a push. For D+ cup sizes I would possibly try their new range of more structured bra-like sets or the bandeau, as these are likely to provide more support and coverage.

Overall, I'm in love with my bikini and it's by far the most flattering swimwear set I've ever owned, it honestly made me feel great the second I put it on and for that, it's definitely worth the splurge! However, I do think these bikinis are more for show than any form of practicality, more sunbathing and strolling across beaches than any swimming or water-park activities, especially if you have larger boobs. 

What do you think of this Triangl bikinis? Let me know if this review was helpful!

Love Ellen xx



  1. Looks totally gorgeous on you :)


  2. Love the honest review especially as I'm an E cup it's so useful
    S xx

  3. I dreamt of those bikinis all summer long ! I also love the "bandeau" ones !


  4. I absolutely hated my Triangl bikini.
    The bottoms were so stiff and bunched weirdly when I walked, I returned them.

  5. The bikini looks great on you! I also have 32dd.... does the back tie or adjust? Larger cup swimsuits that don't tie in back usually only cater to 36ish band sizes. I typically find this to be a problem. Do you know if the bandeaus are adjustable? Your suggestion would help! Thanks!

    1. Hiya! I have the same problem with bikinis! But the back and neck straps both tie so you can have it as tight as you want :) As for the bandeaus, I don't think they're adjustable but you'd have to check the website as I'm not too sure, they have a live chat you can use online to talk to their customer services about it.

  6. worst customer service... well no customer service they are in hong kong and if you get the wrong size they expect you to pay the shipping! BEWARE


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