Sunday 30 November 2014

My WAH nails design in Wonderland Magazine!

Wonderland is vast becoming one of my favourite magazines with its perfect blend of quirky new discoveries, numerous short articles and dreamy photoshoots. On Friday I bought the Nov/Dec issue at the train station on the way to visit my Grandparents in Norfolk and whilst flicking through saw MY WAH NAILS DESIGN! (cue fangirling)
Back in the summer I was invited by Sharmadean Reid to get a complementary nail treatment at WAH; knowing that I probably wouldn't get the opportunity again I spent a few hours finding inspiration and drawing up the designs I wanted on my nails. I must've drawn about 15 different nail designs over about 3 hours (and coloured them in, complete with glitter specs where I wanted the rhinestones) and in the end settled on a lilac and white mix complete with sparkles, marbling, mermaid scales and a mock-kenzo eye. I know I might've looked a bit sad walking in with fully drawn up designs of how I wanted my nails to look but I didn't want to waste the opportunity and obviously my work paid off!
It seems I wasn't the only one who loved my nail set, as it has been recreated by WAH in Thailand for Sharmadean Reid's feature in Wonderland magazine! I couldn't believe it when I spotted it, it may not seem like a big deal to many of you but I was so excited that my nail art design had been featured in a national magazine. It's got me thinking that perhaps I can do more than just writing as a journalist, and that I should open myself up to taking the other forms of creativity that I love, such as design and styling, more seriously. I would honestly love a career that involves all three!

You can see photos from my WAH visit here!

Love Ellen xx


  1. your nails look amazing, congrats for your feature!

    Rachel // Style Soup

  2. That's so cool, congrats!

  3. wow *-* it's because your nail arts are really cool!

  4. congrats! love the design!

    xo T.

  5. Oh wow, that's amazing! You must be so pleased and proud. The nails look awesome and why not go for any career that you want?! You've obviously got talent! x

    Josie’s Journal

  6. Omg that's so cool! Loved the design :) x

  7. how exciting! so happy you got a feature - im so majorly jealous of you nails!!!!


  8. Your nails looks amazing & congratulations on the feature. & would you like
    to follow each other on GFC, Google+ & Bloglovin? Lemme know & lets keep
    in touch!


  9. That's so amazing, congrats!

  10. Wow that's awesome, congrats babe <3 So deserved they look faaabulous!

    fashion and me
    Sil xx


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