Thursday 22 January 2015

Summer where you at?

Bag - La Moda
Shoes & Laces - eBay (links here and here)
Shorts, Jewells & Phonecase - Shop Jeen

Ahhh my first ever uni exam is over and done with! I only had one exam this January and I think it went well...fingers crossed anyway! It was the first time I'd had an exam on the computer and it was so much nicer being able to edit and organise your ideas as you went along, I only wish all my written exams during college had been like that!

Anyways, the January blues have had me dreaming of summer recently and there's a few outfits in my head I can't wait to put together. I've been building a wishlist ready for the months when piling on the pastels, sheer fabrics and hot pants is more weather appropriate. I've decided that this year I'm getting a pair of Buffalo platforms, I've wanted a pair for ages but always chickened out! I really like the limited edition pairs by Maria Ke Fisherman and How Two Live but they're slightly too expensive for my student budget, so instead I want to get the plain white and baby blue pair and add the glitter pink laces…so Baby Spice!

What's on your summer wishlist?

Love Ellen xx


  1. Those would be so cute with pink glitter laces! Congrats on finishing your exam :)


  2. buffalo platforms are awesome; i want to get some for this summer ^.^

  3. I love those big chunky shoes!!

    Aine Oh

  4. Such great picks for summer in a pastel 90's style x


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