Wednesday 4 March 2015

Get in my wardrobe #26 - Cute Gymwear

I've been really motivated recently to be healthier, eat a lot cleaner and workout more. It just makes me feel a lot better in myself and so much more confident when I'm more toned up, knowing I'm in the best shape I can be.
Although I love the feeling afterwards, I have to admit, I'm ridiculously unfit and hate working out whilst I'm actually doing it. It just buuurrrnnns sooo baaaaad.
So, I've been lusting after some cute sportswear to actually get me excited to hit those squats. I think we all have that ideal in our heads of buying new sportswear and turning heads in our new, sexy gym-bunny outfits (even if the reality is a whole lot less glamourous and waaayy more sweaty), so I'd love to get a couple of these pieces. I've been lusting after these trainers anyway, ever since I saw Shope's post and to be honest, this would just be a good excuse to buy them!

Love Ellen xx



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  2. I used to hate the burn when I worked out but now I love it knowing that I'm pushing myself. I feel so accomplished. I don't know if this something that I only do but I can't go to the gym without actual athletic wear I just feel so odd in a t-shirt and shorts, haha.

    xx hercely

  3. Oh I so love these, I might actually goto the gym if I owned them!

  4. Who are you and what have you done with Ellen? X

  5. The colour and print of the Missguided Active sportswear set in the first photo is beautiful! I also love the violet colour of the New Look sportswear crop top. I too need to do some serious shaping up, both for my future OOTD posts and YouTube videos and, hopefully, for the beach in the Summer. Those Adidas trainers look nice too.


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