Friday 20 March 2015

If you watch anything today: The What's Underneath Project

I discovered these videos a few days ago when I was researching for a feature I'm writing on gender equality within the fashion industry and I've been hooked ever since. Each one is a different person, chosen for their unique experiences and life stories, opening up, making themselves vulnerable and telling their story on camera. As they answer questions about their life and style, the subjects gradually remove items of clothing; because it's what's underneath that counts, it's about self acceptance and realising that at the end of the day, we're all just human. Gender, race, sexuality, weight and physical differences are all irrelevant and there's no place for discrimination here; each of these people are entirely different, but they're all equally inspiring.
 It was really hard to choose just a few to share with you all, there's so many more I could have included. I hope you enjoy this slightly different content!

Mari Malek

Clementine Desseaux

Tallulah Willis

Shaun Ross

Melanie Gaydos

Have a fab weekend!

Love Ellen xx

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