Wednesday 8 July 2015


So much inspiration here! This has to be my favourite Blogger Love post since I started doing them almost a year and a half ago. Images like these make me want to do better, I get a bit frustrated with myself and my blog from time to time, when it's just not looking how I want it to look. I know I need to up my game, it's just making that a reality that's the hard part!

Who have your favourite bloggers been this month? As usual leave me some comments below!

Love Ellen xx



  1. Loved this post! Thanks for the new blogs to follow! :)
    The Fashion Wonderland

  2. wow love all thee looks, most are bloggers i've not checked out yet too! will make sure I visit there blogs and check them out!

  3. Great post. Love having new blogs to follow.

    Rachel |

  4. amazing girls with cool styles, thank you for show


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