Sunday 31 March 2013


Just a quick post to let you all know that I'm completely and utterly addicted to Pinterest, I never really got the hype before but I got an account for my textiles work, for our next project we get to decide our own brief and I thought that gathering images for a few of my ideas would help me to decide. However, a few days later and now I'm using it for everything, it's so useful for documenting and remembering things I like and it's an amazing source of inspiration..a sort of more organised tumblr if you will.

Sooo if any of you have a Pinterest account (if not, why not?!) please follow me so I can check out your accounts - I need people to follow!! 

Love Ellen xx

Friday 29 March 2013

Nails Round-up

I spend quite a lot of time on my nails and rarely go a day without them being done, so it seems a bit strange to me that I don't really post about them much on my blog, they tend to be my most popular photos on instagram and I'd like to maybe start making more of a feature of my nails on my here, if you guys would like that of course. I find painting my nails and decorating them with beads or embellishments really relaxing and I like the fact that they often make a statement and catch people's attention, if you would like any tutorials or have any questions about these designs then just ask in the comments and I'll be sure to get back to you somehow. I was thinking of making a post on how I do my nails from start to finish so let me know if you'd like to see that :)

Love Ellen xx

Wednesday 27 March 2013

Get in my wardrobe: Holographic Oxfords

Soo despite the holographic aspects of these Oxfords, the style of shoe isn't generally me, but I have to say I have fallen head over heels for this pair of shoes (not so much the $180 price tag). I think they'd look so cute in summer with shorts, skirts and dresses and the colours are just so pretty! They probably don't warrant me buying them as I think they're the kind of shoes I'd just gawp at for hours on end and yet only wear once or twice..I'm going through such a shoe phase at the moment though so prepare yourselves for a similar post in a few days time!

What do you think of holographic oxfords?

Love Ellen xx

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Dark rose

Top - Miss Selfridge
Glasses - eBay
Skirt & Belt - Topshop
Lipstick - Limecrime

  I haven't done an outfit post in ages so here you go! This tends to be my go-to outfit when I'm going out (minus the sunglasses of course), every now and then I like being a bit more gothic and I really loved the all black outfit with my pink hair :3 I really want it dyeing permanently now!

Love Ellen xx

Saturday 16 March 2013

Tuesday 12 March 2013

Get in my wardrobe #11

Belt - Topshop
Tops & Shorts - River Island
Boots - Jeffrey Campbell via Nasty Gal

This wishlist was originally created on the day I got my results and found out I did way worse in Physics than I had hoped to, I decided to drown my sorrows in pretty things I would buy if I had enough money.. this is why I should never be trusted with a credit card because last Thursday would've broken the bank! 
I've been after a pair of more casual, grungey and comfy boots and whilst hunting I immediately fell in love with these harnessed beauties on Nasty Gal..then I realised they were Jeffrey Campbells and my dream of owning them suddenly got a bit further away, trust me to choose the $190 pair eh! Nevertheless I think they'd look so cool with shorts and a band-tee in summer, tights and shorts or even leggings or disco pants, they look laid-back and effortlessly cool but with a chunky heel to give height, which is important if you're a munchkin like me.
I haven't bought anything in River Island in ages, it used to be one of my favourite shops but up until recently I begun avoiding it whilst shopping because I stopped liking anything in there. Having said that, the other day I wandered in to have a nosy at the Rihanna for RI range and actually ended up liking quite a few items, although ridiculously overpriced for basics I loved this cropped vest from the Rihanna range, it looked awesome with the highwaisted shorts and was perfect for a summer's day when you just can't be bothered but want to look like you put some effort in. The photo of the blue vest I got from the RI website and it really doesn't do the top any justice, in reality it's a pale blue vest with lots of tiny iridescent, pink and blue sequins on - as you can probably tell it fits my style perfectly and looked really cute tucked into the shorts!

I hope you've all had a lovely Monday!

Love Ellen xx

P.S. I'm currently holding a Limecrime giveaway to win a lipstick of your choice! Enter here :)
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