Thursday 31 January 2013

Tattoo appreciation post

Possible meanings...
Crescent moon"waxing" meaning getting fuller a little bit every day. It symbolizes good bounty, growing stronger, collecting good luck, and all sorts of growing and collecting of good things. Some people also believe that the moon represents the inner child in all of us.
DreamcatcherAccording to Native American mythology, this is a protective covering that stops the bad while letting the good pass through.
Unicorn - I could make something up for this one but let's be honest, it's just plain awesome.
Arrows - protection and defence, more than one arrow symbolises strength and to some people they're a reminder of direction and aims in life.
Infinity symbol - endless perspective and life without boundaries.
Anchor - I love the saying on that particular tattoo but the anchor itself is a symbol of hope and stability.

Up until now I think my view on tattoos has been slightly jaded by that of those around me, they're a love/hate kind of thing and I know a lot of people who can't stand them! As I've gotten older I've realised that I love small tattoos and if they weren't completely permanent I'd have about 4 in a heartbeat. Even the idea of having them when I'm middle-aged or elderly doesn't put me off, tattoos are meant to be enjoyed whilst you're young and I think they'd be nice to look at when you're older and remember the good times you had, as long as they weren't on show 24/7 and the design was significant to you in some way. The designs above are just some of my favourites, I love the idea of the dreamcatcher on a small scale and the moon, arrows and unicorn are my favourites..don't worry though, I don't plan on having a unicorn permanently drawn on my skin! Now that would be one to regret when you're 40!

What do you think of tattoos?

Love Ellen xx

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Welcome to the new age

Shorts - Miss Selfridge
Jumper - Tesco
Shoes - Amazon
Watch - Casio from eBay

I finally got to do an outfit post! Woo! I'm sorry that these photos look a bit too 'edited' but I need to play around with the lighting a bit more to make my photos brighter - if any one has any tips for this I'd be really grateful!
Anywho, despite the fact that my room needs a new window, carpetting (as you can probably see), new electrics and to be replastered (we bought a do-er upper ya see) I decided to paint this section of my wall at the weekend so I'd have a background for photos. I'm really glad I did because with my fireplace and the picture in place, it's given me an incite into how my room will look when it's finished and I love it! I'm so excited for the work to start!
Whilst writing this post I realised how strange the places are I got these items from - the shorts were for Christmas and this is the outfit I envisioned wearing them with, I just haven't had the opportunity/occassion/warm enough weather to actually wear this outfit yet! These absolutely gorgeous shoes were given to me by my step-mum and I still can't get over how pretty the embellishment is, I think they counter my £8 Tesco men's jumper rather well!

Let me know what you think of my outfit!

Love Ellen xx

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Thursday 17 January 2013

Ebay Basket #1

I've been rather addicted to eBay recently, it's just so much cheaper than the highstreet and you can find great dupes and unique items. Here are just some of the things currently on my Watchlist...

I almost died when I found these - they're so pretty (the watermark on the photos annoys me but ah well). At £14.42 they're slightly pricey but the P&P is free so I couldn't resist and treated myself to the pair on the right, if you're gonna go for it you might as well get the craziest ones right? My second choice is the flowery black pair, they're the slightly more versatile option but I honestly love them all (there's 8 designs in total). I can see the start of an elaborate sunglasses collection here...

White kitten top (child's XL is a size 6-8) - £13.00

I love these tops - everyone else I know is freaked out by the cat but I think it's so cute! The Celine top is such a classic, I've seen it on a lot of people but never expected it to be that cheap - unfortunately at the moment it's only available in XL so I've added it to my watchlist in the hope that they'll restock sooner or later!

The Shoeniverse 
Hellbound dupes - £26.99
JC The Shadow dupes - £16.99 

The hellbounds aren't usually my thing but I know a lot of people lust after them so it's only fair to share this awesome dupe with you - they're available in red, black and blue at only a fraction of the price of the originals! Personally, I can't decide between the other 3 - I have the lilac version of the turquoise platforms and they're the comfiest shoes I own! I think they'd look super cute with the cat tee and leggings - the platform chelsea boots would look cute with frilly socks though! Hmm decisions decisions..

What do you think of my finds? Have you discovered any gems on eBay recently?

Love Ellen xx

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Friday 11 January 2013

Lashes of London Spring 2013

I don't do this sort of post very often but I stumbled upon this lookbook this morning and fell head over heels in love with the ice-cream pastels, soft grunge and sugar-coated metallics, namely that pink skirt! Lashes of London have created everything I want Spring '13 to be with this shoot - the details, prints and colours are almost as cute as the furry friends that accessorize many of the outfits in this lookbook. Up and coming photographer Masha Mel has captured this childlike girly-ness and juxtaposed it perfectly with the retro style shoot and grungey bedsit setting. I just want to own it all.

Love Ellen xx

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Thursday 3 January 2013

Coming soon...

Just some bits 'n' pieces I've ordered online recently...

Sequin top - Lashes of London @ River Island // I got an email the other day from my mum saying that she'd seen this top on the River Island website reduced from £45 to £15 in the sale and she'd ordered it for me for when I get home! I had no idea River Island even stocked Lashes of London but I'm so in love with the sequins and colours on this t-shirt, it's so beautiful and mermaid-esque. I would never have paid £45 for it but that kind of reduction is hard to ignore -for £15 I think it's a complete bargain and I'm so happy my mum snapped one up for me, it reminds me of the Motel Rocks sequinned dresses and skirts but I think the style is a lot more wearable. The contrast of the sequins with the sheer black sleeves and back is also really cool.

Moonstone above-knuckle ring - Shopdixi // Every now and then I have a browse on Dixi's website, they're constantly receiving new stock, both modern and vintage and a lot of it is one off listings so you know you're getting something unique. I love the cool toned iridescent shades that reflect in Moonstones and I thought that I could wear this sterling silver ring both above my knuckles or on my ring/little finger. At the moment I'm trying to only buy sterling silver rings, I hate buying metal rings I love and then having them go bronzy, so I hope if I buy silver rings they'll last me forever. Unfortunately this item was a one-off listing so I can't provide a link, however Dixi is well worth checking out for similar items :)

Swarovski decoden iPhone 5 case - Xsorize Urself @Etsy // This one is a bit of a cheat because it arrived yesterday but ah well, it's so pretty! A new phone case was on my list of things to get whilst in America because my old one has gone a bit gross and manky, so I had a look on Etsy (I could honestly trawl that site for hours) and voila! I love it, it's so girly and cute and sparkly!

Iridescent purse - Deena and Ozzy @ Urban Outfitters // I've been after a new purse for a while now and this one from Urban Outfitters is perfect! As you can probably tell from the colourscheme of my blog, it's my favourite colours all rolled up into one iridescent purse of prettiness (aww). I'm just really worried it isn't going to arrive in time, I fly back on Friday and I haven't heard anything about when it will arrive, keep your fingers crossed!

What do you think of my purchases? Have you taken advantage of the January sales?

Love Ellen xx
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