Thursday 27 September 2012

iPhone 5!

Arghhh! I'm so excited about my new baby! This is an early birthday present from my mum as my old contract has just run out - I've wanted an iPhone for ages and I'm so happy now I've got one! It's just the best thing ever, I've only been using it for a day but I can tell already I'm going to get so much use out of it - my camera, instagram, blogger, twitter, bloglovin', youtube, ebay, my notes, my emails and messages - all readily available super quick in the palm of my hand...I know I sound like I'm from the stone age but I'm just so in love with it!
  I preordered this last week and couldn't decide at all between the black and white - I went for white in the end because the blacks were pretty much gone and I was struggling to order one! Plus, the white just looks so pweettyyy and the back matches my laptop. At the moment I have a clear case on it because there isn't exactly much to choose from right now - I can't wait for all the cute kawaii cases to come out, in the mean time though, I'm making my own!

Love Ellen xx

P.S. My instagram is EllenAtlanta - I'd love for you all to follow me and I'll try and follow you back too. I'm hoping to do 'Week in Pictures' type posts now I have it - eeekk I'm so excited :3


Saturday 22 September 2012

Who needs Litas

Bad blogger! Baaad blogger! 
Honestly I feel so guilty for not posting in over a week, but A levels are definitely a lot more work than I expected so bear with me, I'm hoping things will start to pick up from now on!

This is the second pair of shoes I ordered a while ago from ebay, they took around 4 weeks to arrive because they came from China, but for a mere £30 including delivery I wasn't going to complain! Seeing as how I can't bring myself to pay almost £200 for a real pair of JCs - these black boots are the best copies of the Jeffrey Campbell Spiked Litas I've found so far and they don't look like corrective footwear either (I find a lot of JC fakes often do!) I love how spikey the studs are and that there's actually quite a few of them - so many fakes I found were really lazy with their spikes and that will just not do.
Originally, these boots came with black laces but I also ordered some rainbow ones à la Unif! I think they look really cool with an all black outfit for days when I want to release my inner scene kid/ goth type person...yeah.

If you want a pair, the link is here!

Let me know what you think of them and I'll try and do a commenting spree before my next post! I feel like you're all old friends I haven't seen in ages, so I shall try and catch up with your blogs soon :)

Love Ellen xx

Thursday 13 September 2012

Spreading the Loveliness - Part 2!

An update of the Spreading the Loveliness Campaign is well overdue! My follower count has more than doubled since I posted the original page so I wanted to add some more of my favourite blogs and bloggers, as well as telling some of my newer readers what Spreading the Loveliness is all about :)

I'm sure all of you know that 'hate', negativity and bullying can be found waaay too much online, I love blogging but I've seen some really terrible cases of people being brought down and bullied because of a few mindless jerks who patrol the internet just to make people feel bad. An attack on a blog or Youtube channel can seem all the more personal because often, they're a representation of you and you should be allowed to express yourself freely without facing negativity. I know just one comment can be enough to knock your confidence so I just wanted to make sure there's enough loveliness out there to balance it all out - hence the 'Spreading the Loveliness Campaign'! Below is a copy of the page located in the side bar of my blog, under my profile :)

Blog rollin'

My Lovelies
Beth from A blog by Beth
Sadie from Eat-Sleep-Breathe-Fashion
Nicola from The Fashion District

 I love the people of the blogosphere - you lot are honestly some of the most lovely people and I love how supportive, open and complimentary other bloggers can be...aww you guys!

Soo...I want you all to spread the loveliness! Every time you comment on my blog, please click on the commenter above you, read their latest post and leave a lovely comment: give them a compliment or tell them why you like their blog - if you're the first to comment, come to this page and check out at least one of these amazing bloggers! The bloggers in the category 'My Lovelies' are amazing people who comment on my blog regularly and never fail to make me smile - so pay extra attention to that lovely lot! 

Make someone's day and hopefully someone will click on you and make yours!

Love Ellen xx

P.S. I now have a blog button! I will love you forever if you put it on your blog! Let me know if you do :)


Wednesday 5 September 2012

Space Cadet

Sunglasses - DIY
Jacket - Topshop
Jeans - American Apparel
Top - Topshop
Boots - DIY
Bag - Accessorise

And the award for the most worn top on my blog ever goes to... (drum roll please) cropped unicorn tee! Wooo!
Yeah, I love this top so much and I'm gutted that I probably won't get away with wearing it to college anymore - especially as the headmaster teaches some of my history classes! I don't see him letting me off the hook somehow :(
At the moment I love the look of khakis and army prints with purples and pinks, so for this outfit I paired my new jacket (which I lovvee) with my DIY nebula shoes and DIY sunnies - bored of them yet? I did tell you to warn me (in a kind and loving way) when you got fed up of seeing them, I still love them to bits and I'm so happy that the whole 'spacey nebula' trend is appearing in A/W collections again.

Hopefully I'll write an 'Update' post soon just to let you know about all the busy busy things that are happening in my life right now! Oo and guess what!? My other shoes arrived so you can expect to see them soon as well!

I hope you're all having a great first week back, I start tomorrow and the butterflies are already going crazy in my tummy...ohh what shall I wear eh?

Love Ellen xx

Saturday 1 September 2012

The Lovely Bones

making a gif
Ooo look at me all makin' schmancy gifs

A couple of weeks ago I ordered 2 pairs of shoes from ebay, I'm still eagerly awaiting the second pair as they both came from China (woo for cheap imports!) but I wanted to show you all the latest addition to my slightly unusual shoe collection! First off, they won't be to everyone's taste but they have a spine heel! A HEEL THAT LOOKS LIKE A SPINE BONE! (pretty sure that's not the technical term Ellen) They're perfect for the A/W grunge trend we always see and I like making a statement with my shoes - I got the grey pair because I wanted some ankle boots I could wear with lighter coloured or blue jeans, having said that the black pair of these are awesome and would look so cool with black jeans and disco pants! Surprisingly they're quite comfortable and look waaay more expensive than they were! Overall, I laaarrvee them and I'm super excited to play dress up with them tomorrow! Not that I have homework to do or anything...

What do you think of my new babies? If you like them you can get them here!

I hope you're having a wonderful week!

Love Ellen xx
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