Friday 28 February 2014

Get in my wardrobe: The 'Rich Bitch' Edition

Rose and Dead Native Ring - The Great Frog London
Top bag - Alexander Wang Rockie
Bottom left - Mulberry mini Del Rey 

These are just a few things at the top of my wish list for when I become rich and famous…(one can dream)

Love Ellen xx

Tuesday 25 February 2014

Jelly Baby

Top/Jeans/Bag/Coat - Topshop
Shoes - Bank
Lipstick - Sleek (review here) 

Yes, this is an outfit featuring everything I bought in Manchester, but you really can't beat new things! I never really fell for the white on white trend last summer but ever since I bought my jujus I've been obsessed! I love them with a dark outfit and with other white pieces, despite the fact that white is such a basic and simple colour, they really act as a statement piece and I'm so glad I didn't just stay safe and buy black.
I decided to take photos against a different wall in my room this time and the lighting is soooo much better. I was a bit annoyed by my clothing rail being in the way and then whilst editing these photos had the complete revelation that my rail is on wheels and is therefore completely portable - I could've just moved it out of the way…I'm an idiot, I know

What do you think of this set up and the outfit?

Love Ellen xx

Saturday 22 February 2014

On my pinboard this month...

All images taken from my Pinterest

Just a few favourite images taken from my Pinterest boards, I'm worried I've been annoying my followers this month as we recently got our textiles exam questions and I've been pinning inspiration for my chosen theme of 'architecture' non stop! I tried to select images that steered away from that, I didn't want to bore you guys!
 This month I'm loving everything Chanel, the combination of bubblegum pink with breton stripes and the thought of those sun and moon motifs as finger tattoos…

What has inspired you this month?

Love Ellen xx 

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Manchester Photo Diary & Valentine's OOTD video!

Hey guys :)

Bit of a different kind of post today - I just wanted to share some photos with you from my Valentine's Day, which I spent in Manchester with my boyfriend. We shopped, ate our weight in Taco Bell (pretty much the highlight of the trip for me) and I also managed to persuade Joe to take a couple of outfit photos for me…despite the fact that it was freezing cold and chucking it down!

Day 2 outfit 
Jacket & Jeans - Topshop
Bag - DIY
Top - Motel
Shoes - Juju
Top & Bag - Topshop
Jujus - Bank

I also filmed a quick video of my outfit on Valentine's Day, I had intended to vlog but the weather was too bad and I decided I would stick to a photo diary instead! Let me know if you like the video though, I enjoy making and editing them so I'd like to do more :)

Love Ellen xx

Friday 14 February 2014

Blogger Love this Valentines

 It's not all about the boys this Valentine's, so I've prepared a collection of my current favourite blogging babes to spread the love across the blogosphere! 

Feel free to create your own version of this post - I love discovering new bloggers <3

Love Ellen xx

Thursday 13 February 2014

Indian Summer

Top - Urban Outfitters
Jeans/Jacket/Lipstick - Topshop
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Scully

Just a quick outfit post for you all! As you can see I'm still quite obsessed with my mom jeans and scullys…I do love the way this colourful drop-sleeve top looks with them though. 
Whilst shopping in Bodycare the last weekend I found these awesome metallic nails for under £2 and had to try them! Despite the fact that I usually hate square nails, I did love the effect these gave and I got loads of people commenting on them, after all, they're pretty hard to miss!

Love Ellen xx

Tuesday 11 February 2014

Musings #3: The Art of Scrapbooking

   I always kept scrapbooks – proper, paper, tangible ones that is. Whilst most eight year old girls were riding their bikes outside or playing hopscotch (I don’t know what kids do these days), I sat in the middle of my living room and cut my favourite items out of the new Argos catalogue that I’d eagerly awaited the arrival of. Yes, for eight year old me, the latest Argos catalogue was the height of excitement. This behavior progressed throughout my life, I became a twelve year old drooling over the fashion spread in the late and great Shout magazine (RIP), their A/W ’07 feature-focus on brightly coloured tights and denim cutoffs took pride of place in my third scrapbook, after all, we couldn’t have the previous book’s 5 page spread on Bratz dolls showing it up could we?
  Little did I know, 2007 was also the year that a new phenomena would arrive, one that would change my ways of moodboarding and inspiration collecting forever. One word my friends – tumblr.
  All of a sudden, girls (and boys) the world over were creating their very own online inspiration blogs – with one click they could share those ‘O.M.G- IHAVETOHAVETHEMRIGHTTHISSECOND-O.M.G McQueen shoes with the world and their mothers. Those gorgeous photos you saw in this month’s Vogue? They’re instantly online for the planet’s teenagers to sit and reblog. With Polyvore, pritsticks became a thing of the past and as long as you could create a reasonably unique username and password, you could create collages out of any image, item or font on the web.
  The latest arrival in this smorgasbord of inspiration stations is Pinterest, where members create moodboards by ‘pinning’ objects and photos they’ve fallen in love with online. Fast forward a few months and you’ve reached present day me, scrolling endlessly on my laptop ‘til I find that perfect image to reblog for my pastel-themed tumblr, creating Polyvore sets for my fashion and beauty blog, a collection of outfits ‘pinned’ onto my Pinterest moodboards and yet, not an actual, real-life, paper scrapbook in sight.

  A few months ago I visited a friend’s house and discovered a notebook she’d began sticking photos in that she’d found on tumblr – my heart leapt with an indescribable range of emotions: inspiration, jealousy and a touch of sadness. It was then that I realized there was something so hollow about all of these online moodboarding shenanigans. I wanted to create something tangible, something I could slave over for hours on a Sunday afternoon, something with actual pages, something my children could keep and flick through when they grew up. Okay, that’s maybe taking things a tad too far…But I had a sudden overwhelming desire to own a pritstick and a beautiful notebook, along with a printed copy of every image I’d ever squealed in delight over and reblogged on my variety of different social media accounts. I began cutting and sticking once more, creating pages filled with my dream wardrobe, inspirational quotes and stunning photography. For a few hours a week I regress to 12 year old me. Of course, every time I finish a page I take a photograph and upload it to my blog, after all, you can’t live in the past forever you know…

Love Ellen xx

Sunday 9 February 2014

Get in my wardrobe #17: Office shoes

All shoes from Office

I'm going to Manchester with my boyfriend this Valentine's Day so which the promise of a shopping expedition I've been hunting out potential buys online, gathering a list of items to look out for on the day. Whilst scrolling through Office's website I found these three beauties and they've all risen to the top of my wish list! The first pair I love for their masculine edge, they're smart and yet still casual with the cutout across the front - they'd look amazing with black trousers and a baggy top or tee.
Juju jellies were a massive hit last year and it seems they're back again - with the addition of an exclusive pair in black glitter (oooo). The white ones have caught my attention this season, I didn't expect to like them but I can't help imagining how cool they'd look with an all black outfit and a fur coat…

Love Ellen xx

Tuesday 4 February 2014

Finger tattoos

All images from tumblr

Just a little bit of inspiration,  I do love finger tattoos…

Love Ellen xx

Saturday 1 February 2014

Get in my wardrobe #16

Blue mesh jumper - Topshop Boutique
Striped crop top - Topshop
Polaroid cameras - Fujifilm (cheapest on ebay)
Boots - Zara
Silver shorts - similar on ebay & boohoo

These are just a few pieces I'm lusting after at the moment, the fujifilm instant polaroid cameras in particular - I've been really enjoying playing with my camera recently and these just look so cute. I remember having a polaroid camera when I was about 5 and we still have some of the first photos I took on it (n'aww). I love that the instant print and fairly expensive film will make me think more carefully about the photos I'm taking, but that I'd also get some cute candid shots that haven't been edited or taken with the luxuries of a front-facing camera, the perfect lighting and the 27 practice attempts it can take to get a selfie right.  I first saw them in Urban Outfitters for around £100 but recently discovered them on eBay for as low as £60 including film!

What're you lusting after at the moment?

Love Ellen xx

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