Saturday 26 November 2011

When she was just a girl, she expected the world...

Top - Topshop
Earcuff - Topshop
Bracelet - Pandora

Just a few photos I took with my webcam when I got bored yesterday...I don't normally wear my hair up or show the pictures I take but I wanted to show you all the ear cuff I got for my birthday! I've been wearing it a lot, it has little leaves dropping from the chain and I really love it  - the top was featured on this Get In My Wardrobe post and I bought it recently using a voucher - so thank you Brad and Ethan! :D

Ooo also! I reached 50 followers this weekend and I just wanted to say a huuugge thank you! :) It won't sound like much to some people but I've only been blogging here for just over a month and I'm really excited about the progress I'm making - so I hope you all enjoy reading this blog and continue to follow and write lovely comments!

Love Ellen xx

Monday 21 November 2011

Get in my wardrobe #2

A few things I've been lusting after this week...

First off, I love this outfit from Andy at Style Scrapbook - her outfits never fail to inspire me and  I would wear every item here, she's really got me wanting a pair of plum coloured jeans now and that winter coat is sheer perfection.
Both items of jewellery are from my beloved All Saints; oh my that shop can bring me to tears with it's perfectly embellished pieces and heart-wrenchingly high prices, how I wish I were rich!
The studded shorts are from the lovely Amy Valentine's shop, Iridescent, she hand-studs these beauties herself and they're rather affordable! Woo!
I decided this week that I need a pair of plain black shorts in my life - I'm in love with my pink ones but I need something a bit simpler to just throw anything on with, I always find shorts and tights comfier than jeans, especially as a I struggle to find skinnies that are fitted enough.
And last but most certainly not least, Nails Inc have released 'The Wonderobe' - isn't it just the cutest thing of life? Inside this box each nail varnish is displayed as if on little hangers and in the draw below you will find a mini topcoat and nail file! Christmas list? Me thinks so too...

Hope you've all had a great Monday :)

Love Ellen xx


Wednesday 16 November 2011

Find me a dream that fits...

Find me a dream that fits...pretty please with a cherry on top? Anyone? This week has been filled with many a deep daydream surrounding my future - career options, A-level choices, 'looking forward' and "The first important independent decision you've ever made!". Receiving our A-level application packs has set my mind on a tangent, I have absolutely no clue what I want to do career-wise, I have many loves but none that I can see myself doing for the rest of my life: so far not a single specific career has ignited a fire within me and I feel like I'm preparing for a future I haven't decided yet...
So far I have settled on English Lang/lit, Chemistry, Physics and French (which I have already started a year early). I'm also in two minds about whether to take a fifth A-level, some teachers are encouraging this as subjects can be dropped, but others are warning that it will be too much work to cope with outside of college - my options for a fifth subject would be biology or photography, I would love to take history but unfortunately it clashes with physics so I've had to choose. Biology would be a lot of work but is recognised as a worthwhile subject by universities and it's always a bonus to have 3 sciences: photography would be interesting to learn about and develop/get some skills in, it would support my blog and be a break from my less 'creative' subjects, however it is 'blacklisted' by universities....grrrr so many decisions....

Anyways I'm sorry to rant, I went to write Monday Moodboard and realised the post I was making didn't fit with what I'm trying to create here - as you may have noticed from the photos above I was rather proud of my nail painting skills this week and I finally bit the bullet and dyed my hair!! I've had bleached highlights added and then I dip dyed it lilac at home, I'm possibly a tad late with this trend but ho hum, I'm in love with it! I may not know what sort of career I want to go into; but I feel like I'm finding my own style more and more now and becoming the kind of person I admire to be :)

Love Ellen xx

Thursday 10 November 2011

Katy Perry - California Dreams Tour!

Here are some of the photos from Bonfire night when Sian and I went to see Katy Perry in her California Dreams tour - she put on such an amazing show: complete with cupcakes, candy canes, a crazy amount of costume changes, fireworks, t-shirt cannons, confetti showers and giant beach balls crowd surfing around the audience! Not to mention the whole arena smelt like candy floss and Katy Perry not only performed amazingly, but she actually has a great sense of humour and seems a genuinely lovely person. After watching her perform on X Factor I had doubts about how good she'd be singing live, I have to say she pleasantly surprised me, her voice sounded so good and the dancers, storyline and characters were awesome!

I'd really recommend going to see her if you ever get the chance :)

Love Ellen xx

Tuesday 8 November 2011


1 - The cute tin from my Dad that contained...
2 - :O the cutest biscuits on the planet! I don't want to eat them - they look so pretty!
3 - Awesome shoes my mum bought me! Arghh I wore these yesterday, I'm in love!
4 - Some items I'll be wearing a lot of... I love these necklaces, the crystal and wishbone are from my best friend Sian and the triangles necklace is from the lovely Joe :)
5 - Another thing I plan on wearing a lot - this was from one of my closest friends Molly and it's so pretty!
6 - Yaaay! I can finally smell like me again! This is my absolute favourite perfume and it came in the cutest box of life with shower gel and body lotion!
7 - A birthday tag from my mum's boyfriend that made me laugh!

These are just some of the photos from my 16th birthday on Sunday - I had a lovely day, mum baked me vanilla scones in the morning after I'd opened my presents and a few of my closest friends popped over throughout the day to give me birthday hugs and prezzies! In the evening I Facetimed my Dad and step-mum in America and my friends and I ate cake and had an entire 50 seconds worth of fireworks! Haha!

Love Ellen xx

Friday 4 November 2011

Shine on...

My new babies!! I bought these yesterday to go with some leggings I'm getting as one of my birthday presents - I love them so much, they're so comfortable and look really cool with jeans and with tights :) They were only £24.99 from New Look and I'm really tempted to get another pair soon and paint a nebula on them..I've been wanting to try that for ages and these shoes would be perfect!

Anyways I'm off to watch some fireworks tonight! :D
Two days til my birthday and counting!

Love Ellen xx

Tuesday 1 November 2011

Get in my wardrobe.

Shoes - Aldo
Ribcage Tee - Topshop
Petrol Spike Necklace - Topshop
Belt - Topshop
Beetlejuice nail varnish - Models Own
Outfit - Urban Drop

Just a few things I've decided I need in my life...the Aldo shoes I took a photo of through the shop window, they were just so awesome and there's something really unique about them. I have a bit of a thing with leopard print at the moment - not when it's OTT, just the odd accent like on the shoes or the Topshop belt with some plain denim cut offs, I think it really adds something.
I love the ribcage print on the t-shirt, it'd look great under a shirt or worn alone but I'd want to turn the sleeves up so they aren't so pointy! The Beetlejuice collection from Models Own was released yesterday and I'm lusting over those 3 colours, they look really effective and it's almost like instant nail art in a bottle!
Oo and after seeing this outfit photo on Urban Drop I'm so tempted to cut the shoulders out of my over-sized denim shirt, I haven't worn it in ages and this could reinvent it completely...hmm do I dare?

Arghh! 4 days til my birthday!
Not that I'm counting...

Love Ellen xx

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