Thursday 1 May 2014

New Shoes!

New Balance - WL792BW

Boots (linked here)

So last week I got two new pairs of shoes! The first I bought in America for an absolute steal and the second were a surprise present from my boyfriend and were waiting for me when I got home (he's a keeper).
Before I went to America I had it in mind that I wanted to get a new pair of trainers, I'd been looking at New Balance and Nike and just wanted to try some whilst I was out there. On my last day we visited an outlet with a New Balance store, I had originally intended to get the chunkier black trainers in the typical NB style, but then I spotted these and the rest is history. I've never seen this style before and what's more, they were reduced from $75 to $30! Not only do I love how cute these look and how 'sports luxe' they are for S/S, but they're so freakin' comfortable it's unreal, by far the comfiest pair of shoes I've owned and I've worn them so much since getting them, which for me with flats is frankly unheard of.
These boots featured on my last wishlist post and I just love them so much: they're super high, super stompy and surprisingly comfy, they also make your legs look infinitely long in black skinnies - what more could a girl ask for?

Love Ellen xx

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