Wednesday 16 November 2011

Find me a dream that fits...

Find me a dream that fits...pretty please with a cherry on top? Anyone? This week has been filled with many a deep daydream surrounding my future - career options, A-level choices, 'looking forward' and "The first important independent decision you've ever made!". Receiving our A-level application packs has set my mind on a tangent, I have absolutely no clue what I want to do career-wise, I have many loves but none that I can see myself doing for the rest of my life: so far not a single specific career has ignited a fire within me and I feel like I'm preparing for a future I haven't decided yet...
So far I have settled on English Lang/lit, Chemistry, Physics and French (which I have already started a year early). I'm also in two minds about whether to take a fifth A-level, some teachers are encouraging this as subjects can be dropped, but others are warning that it will be too much work to cope with outside of college - my options for a fifth subject would be biology or photography, I would love to take history but unfortunately it clashes with physics so I've had to choose. Biology would be a lot of work but is recognised as a worthwhile subject by universities and it's always a bonus to have 3 sciences: photography would be interesting to learn about and develop/get some skills in, it would support my blog and be a break from my less 'creative' subjects, however it is 'blacklisted' by universities....grrrr so many decisions....

Anyways I'm sorry to rant, I went to write Monday Moodboard and realised the post I was making didn't fit with what I'm trying to create here - as you may have noticed from the photos above I was rather proud of my nail painting skills this week and I finally bit the bullet and dyed my hair!! I've had bleached highlights added and then I dip dyed it lilac at home, I'm possibly a tad late with this trend but ho hum, I'm in love with it! I may not know what sort of career I want to go into; but I feel like I'm finding my own style more and more now and becoming the kind of person I admire to be :)

Love Ellen xx


  1. Ahh I feel for you, I remember making my A-Level decisions [only I didn't take them remotely seriously and ended up taking maths and economics, my skills definitely don't lie there!!] - honestly though don't worry too much, I don't think there are many people out there who could definitively say they knew what they wanted to do at 16, or 20, or even 25!x
    p.s. I have the same jumper I think, Topshop? Lovely isn't it :)

  2. heey its annabel from i followed you back and im so happy i did :D i love your blog its so cute xx

  3. love your hair and your nails you look gorgeous :)

    thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  4. I love your blog and your nails!
    Nadia, XOXO (your newest follower)

  5. In all honesty I think taking up a 5th A level will be too much stress! I am taking my A levels at the mo, and am doing 3 as the majority of everyone else is, and I find it so much work that I;ve seriously had to reduce my social life so I can fit in all my work. AS levels were easier, but a massive step from GCSE, and everyone I knew who took 5 AS's, had dropped their 5th AS level by the time January exams came round!!! Plus I think taking a third science would be very stressful when revising for exams!
    xx goodluck tho!!!!!!

  6. I'd say don't do a 5th A Level! I started doing 5 and it's only 2 months in and I've dropped it. Mainly because the work load was too much but also because the teacher is a nutcase ;-). It's a shame you can't do history, I'm loving it at the moment! Don't worry too much about 'backlisted' subects, as long as you have three academic subjects with good grades, unis will take you on. I do maths, english, history and textiles... Textiles isn't seen as a good subject for unis but you have to have some creativity in your life! Also, I'd advise to pick ones you enjoy with unis as an after thought because if you don't enjoy it, you won't work hard resulting in bad grades and uni is out the window. Also, don't pressure yourself into making the right decision now, you can change your mind up till about a month into the course! Hope this helped a little bit ;-D.

  7. you are very pretty!!... and I love your nails, are amazing! :D

  8. I haven't decided on a career yet and I'm in my final year at uni haha, don't worry about it you've got loads of time! Personally I wouldn't have been able to do a fifth A level because they are a LOT of work, but you just need think about how much work you can handle! If you took photography I don't think it would put unis off as you're already taking 4 well recognised A levels, especially as sciences and languages are seen as hard subjects. I love your nails and jumper!

  9. Your dip dyed hair is amazing, seriously adore it! In regards to A-levels, I would recommend taking 5 only if you feel you can cope and of course, doing the subjects you love <3

  10. Your hair! :) If I had the guts to actually radically change something, that's what I'd do. Oh, and if I had the skills I'd have nails like that ;)
    I love the studded shorts from your next post, btw :D You have a really cool sense of style!

    xxx ninja (

  11. better late than never :) it looks rad. same goes for your nails!

  12. wow, those are some amazing nails. that's what i call art. :) you have an amazing blog. enjoyed your features, and great photos. hoping to visit again, and new follower here. all the best on your blog, and hoping to stay connected. cheers, and enjoy your wknd!


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