Tuesday 8 November 2011


1 - The cute tin from my Dad that contained...
2 - :O the cutest biscuits on the planet! I don't want to eat them - they look so pretty!
3 - Awesome shoes my mum bought me! Arghh I wore these yesterday, I'm in love!
4 - Some items I'll be wearing a lot of... I love these necklaces, the crystal and wishbone are from my best friend Sian and the triangles necklace is from the lovely Joe :)
5 - Another thing I plan on wearing a lot - this was from one of my closest friends Molly and it's so pretty!
6 - Yaaay! I can finally smell like me again! This is my absolute favourite perfume and it came in the cutest box of life with shower gel and body lotion!
7 - A birthday tag from my mum's boyfriend that made me laugh!

These are just some of the photos from my 16th birthday on Sunday - I had a lovely day, mum baked me vanilla scones in the morning after I'd opened my presents and a few of my closest friends popped over throughout the day to give me birthday hugs and prezzies! In the evening I Facetimed my Dad and step-mum in America and my friends and I ate cake and had an entire 50 seconds worth of fireworks! Haha!

Love Ellen xx


  1. Your presents are gorgeous! I love the boots & jewellery & those cookies look amazing! :D x

  2. Hello! Thank you for my comment on my blog and for following me (I followed your blog back). I absolutely love these leopard print shoes, they are gorgeous! The perfume set looks lovely too, and so does everything else :) Hope you had a lovely birthday on Sunday and got everything you wanted.

    Love Abi xxx


  3. That wishbone necklace is my favourite :)


  4. Your birthday sounds so lovely. Agree with you on the biscuits, I kinda just stared at them in wonder for a long while haha!


  5. Aaah what fabulous birthday presents! Those biscuits are absolutely adorable! And how gorgeous is the Flowerbomb box?! Amazing! x

  6. Thank you for all your comments and to those of you who followed! :) <3

    Love Ellen

  7. What lovely presents!:D Belated Happy Birthday!:D

    ***** Marie *****
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