Sunday 31 May 2015


Bag - LaModa
Shoes - DIY

First of all, apologies for the different backgrounds in this post. We took two sets of photos in this outfit and I couldn't choose between them, I hope it doesn't look too strange!

This is the outfit I put together as part of my collaboration with Rokit Vintage, I went for a 90s vibe (of course) that has ended up making me want to re-watch old episodes of Sabrina the Teenage Witch with the silver velvet top, black silky shirt, purple sunnies and crimped hair. I'm so excited to wear these dungarees throughout summer, I've wanted a vintage pair for ages and these fit me perfectly, they're so easy to throw on and instantly look chic. For vintage-wear, my best advice is just to try on as much as possible! I think I tried on half the store and ended up finding some amazing pieces, all of which were really reasonably priced, way less than you'd pay in Topshop and with a much cooler look. Plus, you get to be one of those people who replies "Oh this? Oh this is vintage honey!" when someone asks where you got your clothes from... and that always makes me feel cool anyway.

Love Ellen xx



  1. Such a cute look, love those dungarees the belt is perfect.

  2. they fit u beautifully! love ho you've belted them, may need to start experimenting more with adding belts to my outfits! x :)

  3. Sabrina the teenage witch! That brings me back some years...

    I love vintage (or just plain simple 2nd hand clothing) because they've mostly got more character to them than something you've just got brand new out of the shop... You hardly need to put any effort into them because they already do it for you!

    Love your outfit!


  4. Those shoes tho! The style, the height, the fluff! YES!

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