Monday 23 April 2012

Life's too short to even care at all...

Top - Topshop
Rosary - Next
Dreamcatcher necklace - H&M
Black Stone Ring - Forever21
Clear Stone Ring - Topshop

Awww look at the little unicorns being in love! N'aww :3 I love this top and I love my new shorts...The Ragged Priest are DIY geniuses and I love their entire pastel range - it's a shame there isn't more stockists!  I only wish they were slightly higher waisted for wearing crop tops like this - when my belly button shows I feel like a popstar from the 90's and like I should join S Club 7...

Hit it with the shameless webcam shots!

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

Love Ellen xx

Lyrics in title - Cough Syrup by Young the Giant


  1. Those shorts are amazing! I love this outfit xx

  2. ooh I love your shorts so much! you look beautiful Ellen xxx

  3. I totally love this look ! The t-shirt is so cute and it goes perfectly with the shorts xx

  4. This outfit is awesome! The shorts are beautiful, the dreamy colours go with the unicorn top really well :D

  5. your outfit looks wicked!
    the pastel shorts and that tee look so good together! x

  6. Ahhh i love this! The unicorn tee is just adorable!! xxx

  7. hahah i know exactly how you feel with the bellybutton issue :P these shorts are amazing though, love the studs. gonna check out the ragged priest now! love your top as well, i saw a similar one which said dancing in the moonlight from topshop which was so cute as well! lovely post xxx

  8. That tee is so adorable, I have a similar sweater with a unicorn on :)

    Following you, please if you get a chance could you return the favour?

    Peace&Love x

  9. I love that top so much :). So pretty <3

  10. cute top! ahh s club 7 were a major part of my childhood!

  11. Your top is so cool, and I love your hair! x

  12. Those shorts are AMAZE, your hair is beautiful also xxxx

  13. Love everything out this outfit - especially the shorts!
    Beautiful girl :)!
    Hannah x


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