Monday, 23 April 2012

Life's too short to even care at all...

Top - Topshop
Rosary - Next
Dreamcatcher necklace - H&M
Black Stone Ring - Forever21
Clear Stone Ring - Topshop

Awww look at the little unicorns being in love! N'aww :3 I love this top and I love my new shorts...The Ragged Priest are DIY geniuses and I love their entire pastel range - it's a shame there isn't more stockists!  I only wish they were slightly higher waisted for wearing crop tops like this - when my belly button shows I feel like a popstar from the 90's and like I should join S Club 7...

Hit it with the shameless webcam shots!

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

Love Ellen xx

Lyrics in title - Cough Syrup by Young the Giant


  1. Those shorts are amazing! I love this outfit xx

  2. ooh I love your shorts so much! you look beautiful Ellen xxx

  3. I totally love this look ! The t-shirt is so cute and it goes perfectly with the shorts xx

  4. I LOVE this outfit! The top and shorts look so good together :)

  5. This outfit is awesome! The shorts are beautiful, the dreamy colours go with the unicorn top really well :D

  6. your outfit looks wicked!
    the pastel shorts and that tee look so good together! x

  7. Ahhh i love this! The unicorn tee is just adorable!! xxx

  8. hahah i know exactly how you feel with the bellybutton issue :P these shorts are amazing though, love the studs. gonna check out the ragged priest now! love your top as well, i saw a similar one which said dancing in the moonlight from topshop which was so cute as well! lovely post xxx

  9. That tee is so adorable, I have a similar sweater with a unicorn on :)

    Following you, please if you get a chance could you return the favour?

    Peace&Love x

  10. I love that top so much :). So pretty <3

  11. cute top! ahh s club 7 were a major part of my childhood!

  12. Your top is so cool, and I love your hair! x

  13. Those shorts are AMAZE, your hair is beautiful also xxxx

  14. Love everything out this outfit - especially the shorts!
    Beautiful girl :)!
    Hannah x


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