Friday 13 December 2013

They're just girls

Shirt - Goodwill
Croptop - Miss Selfridge
Jeans & Shoes - Topshop

Sooo I died my hair lilac last weekend! I used the L'oreal pastel toning conditioner and although I wouldn't recommend it, I love how it has faded to this pinky lilac blonde - it's subtle but such a pretty colour. I'm so tempted to go properly lilac now but the dye always costs so much money and the colour fades so fast...le cry.
These mom jeans are the latest addition to my wardrobe, I'd tried blue pairs on before and had always been apprehensive, being 5'2" and all I was worried that the baggy style would make me look like a midget but I'm in love with these! They are super comfy and highwaisted, meaning they look great with croptops or with little vests tucked in; I've had a lot of fun styling these up and they've definitely added a new dimension to my wardrobe!

Love Ellen xx


  1. Wow, this is such a lovely hair color! I have the same problem with lilca dye, I just dyed mine and after one week it was already gone... The jeans look amazing on you, and I love the outfit!

  2. You look amazing; I love lilac hair, to bad mine's brown. But I'm thinking about just taking the jump and going blond after the holidays.

  3. I think your hair is a lovely colour right now - really pretty and subtle! xxx

  4. wow! awesome outfit!


  5. I've been looking at a lot of your hair posts and I've seen so many beautiful styles! (especially the blue-grey.) I'm really enjoying your blog. I wrote a short post about it on my style blog Pink Sovereign, just to let you know. I hope its okay that I used a few images. Let me know!

    More power to your blog! I'll be following.


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