Thursday 9 April 2015

Blogger Love: March

Ahh I totally forgot about this post! Better late than never though right?
These past couple of weeks have been so busy with deadlines, exams and then my boyfriend coming to stay in London with me for 5 days. We had so much fun playing tourists around the city, even more so when the sun came out towards the end of our mini holiday, but it meant that blogging kind of took a side-seat. I'm in America now though and am determined to dedicate myself again, hopefully I can shoot a few outfits here and I get to play with some different camera lenses.

Not so many pastels in 'Blogger Love' this month! Don't worry I've not had a personality transplant, I've just been loving the more simplistic look recently; I'm all for a bit of monochrome every now and then. However, I do wiissh that the red docs in the first image came in pastel colours, that'd just  be perfection.

Also, shoutout to my sassy soul-sister Sophie Hannah Richardson (last photo)! We went on a blogger date last month and it was so fab, we just clicked and talked non-stop whilst getting a bit tipsy on some yummy cocktails. She is an absolute babe.

Who have your faves been this month?

Love Ellen xx



  1. LOVE all of these sassy ladies! Thanks for sharing :) | UK Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I love this post, just found a few new favourite bloggers! (: | UK Lifestyle & Beauty Blog


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