Friday 28 August 2015


Shoes - Primark
Earrings - Lulutrixabelle
Necklace (worn as head chain) - Tesco

Okay so today has been a bit of a 'mare! I packed my suitcase with 5 outfits and travelled all the way to Notting Hill to shoot them, only for my camera to die after two outfits because it apparently hadn't charged properly overnight... frustrated doesn't even begin to cover it! We did however get this AMAZING catsuit by Alice Vandy shot and arghhh I'm so in love.

I've loved catsuits/unitards/all-in-ones from afar for a while now, I just never felt brave enough to try them. Firstly, because the material of most catsuits I've seen before has been quite flimsy, secondly because most seem to have such a low back that you have to go braless. As I've previously mentioned, I'm not exactly a member of the IBTC, so the whole idea of free boobs, thin, stretched fabric and the possibility of stepping into the wrong lighting just seemed like a recipe for disaster (think Monica from Friends).

HOWEVER, when I tried this on I was so happy with the quality, I had finally found the perfect catsuit. 
When I first opened it though, my first thoughts were: one, that I loved it, there's no denying the print is totally fab and two, that I would never get my leg in it, let alone the rest of my body. It looked tinyyy. But nevertheless I tried it on, whilst whispering "please go on...pleeaaase" and sure enough it fit like a glove. The stretch doesn't cause the print to warp or go transparent and the whole catsuit just sucks everything in and holds it in place. I felt completely happy braless in this, even though the back is high enough for a bra, I felt comfortable enough to go without. 
Speaking of which, OMG THIS IS THE COMFIEST THING I'VE EVER WORN. It's like wearing a pair of the best quality leggings, except it's also a onesie, but there's not movement restrictions. If I were the active type, I could literally do anything in this baby, I even imagine it'd be good for working out. I've actually taken to wearing it around the house INSTEAD OF MY PJS...(say whaaaaat?) I know, it's that comfy.

This is only the first part of my collab with Alice Vandy, they also sent me an oversized tee so watch this space for that one!

Love Ellen xx


  1. I love this catsuit! Super cute :) x

  2. :o cannot describe how much i love this outfit! u look incredible!! how good does that necklace look as a headband too lol! may have to steal that stylin tip! btw, i featured u n amelia on my blogger babes post - check it out! x


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