Wednesday 2 September 2015


Top - Nasty Gal
Bralet - Topshop
Boots - Asos
Bag - Zara
Pompom - Primark

Seeeeee, I'm not always a pastel princess!

So a few weeks ago when I was totally stressed, mid-revision for my exam, the lovely lot at American Eagle UK invited me down to their Old Street pop-up store for a bit of retail therapy. The shop is so cool, set up in Old Street tube station so you can pick up your perfect pair of jeans on your commute. With their friendly and knowledgable staff, the usual nightmare that is jeans shopping was made hassle free and totally easy - within 10 minutes I had the jeans I wanted.

I explained that I pretty much always wear black jeans, that I was petite and that I like all things high-waisted, the guy in the store picked a few options for me to try on and voila! THEY EVEN HAVE BELT LOOPS! Topshop Joni Jean fans, you will appreciate my excitement; the little things really do make such a big difference to your outfits.
I can also reveal that I have been consistently testing, wearing and washing these jeans since I got them and they're still jet black and fit so well. American Eagle is a brand I have supported for a long while now, both when they were solely in the US and now they've moved to the UK - if there's one thing they know how to do, it's denim!

The pop-up store is open until the end of September so make sure you check it out! If not you can always visit an AEO store in Westfield.

Love Ellen xx


  1. Your hair is so long! Feel like i haven't seen you for ages 😍

  2. This outfit is great! Love the top so much ♥

  3. I love this look!! your top is amazing

    Aine Oh

  4. Great outfit, ill have to check out the store, im always searching for a good pair of jeans!

    Dana || Fashion-Dew

  5. Fab outfit. I love the silver tones from your hair and shoes.

    Rachel |

  6. I love this outfit, the top is so pretty and the jeans look like they are the perfect fit :) xx

  7. I love this look, you should wear black more often :P

  8. seriously love the way your hair looks x


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