Friday 27 July 2012

Redrock Vintage Blogger Competition!

Shorts - Redrock Vintage!
Lace crop vest - Topshop
Both shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
Studded sleeveless denim vest - The Ragged Priest
Rings and Earrings - Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses - A Morir
Lipstick - Limecrime

Aloha! A lot of you have probably seen these kinda blog posts recently or have even entered yourself, but even so I couldn't resist throwing my 2 cents in and styling up these gorgeous blue and cream floral print shorts from Redrock vintage in order to enter their blogger competition! I really enjoyed creating this outfit (yes I'm still on a summer pastels kick!) and I've fallen in love with this look, especially the contrast between the girly colours and florals with the edgier jacket and JC Litas - if only there was a money tree at the bottom of my garden eh?
For now though, I'm in the process of DIYing those AMAZING sunglasses - they are so so pretty and seem pretty easy to recreate, I'll update you all on the finished product soon! Oo and the Limecrime lipstick will be mine by the time I get back to England, I'll make sure of it!

To enter this awesome competition click here! I've been really inspired seeing all the other entries :)

Enjoy watching the Olympics - I'm feeling rather patriotic and proud to be British right now!

Love Ellen xx



  1. Good luck in the contest! I really like all of the items in the picture!

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog Darling!
    Those sunnies are amazing!

    Huge hugs!

  3. such a cute set!!


  4. Omgoooood!!!! I love this outfit! You have such a great sense of style!!!

  5. love the lipstick!

  6. great pics, those shorts are lovely! :p x

  7. Such a nice collection of things!
    All the best,

    Jana & Vanessa from charming Berlin ♥

  8. Love this look, good luck in the competition! Fallen in love with the Limecrime lipstick, such an amazing colour! And the sunglasses would be so good to DIY, can't wait to see that post!

    Pip x

  9. Love this, those glasses are incredible! Aw wasn't the Opening Ceremony SO GOOD?!

  10. Love the combination of the shorts and top! Btw you have a very nice name ;) xo Ellen

  11. I'm obsessed with those boots!! I can't decide if I want to order a similar pair in black or beige?? ANy thoughts??

  12. Cute look, love the shorts, nice blog

  13. Love the outfit, great colours!

    Lana, xo

  14. Awesome Blog!
    Love the outfit!
    You've got a good taste! :)

  15. The sunglasses are amazing!

  16. oh my i love those shorts!!!

  17. I love these sunglasses so much! x


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