Thursday 26 June 2014

My WAH nails

If you follow me on twitter then you may already know this, but back in April I woke up to an email from the owner/founder of WAH nails (Sharmadean Reid) saying that next time I was in London she would hook me up with a complementary nail treatment. Like a crazy fangirl I ran downstairs and grabbed by WAH book, squealing with excitement when it confirmed that it was really her; she really had just followed me on instagram and she really had just offered me a complementary treatment at WAH. Ever since I discovered the company I've lusted after their nail art and on Tuesday, after all of my A-Level exams had finished, I finally got the opportunity to get some for myself!
My experience at WAH was really lovely, the girls all made me feel welcome and the atmosphere was just so chilled out and friendly. WAH girl Julie was my nail artist and we nattered away for an hour and a half whilst she brought my designs to life. In all of my fangirl excitement I'd spent a few hours looking up nail art inspiration and drawing out possible designs that I then painted and showed to Julie when I arrived, as sad as I felt turning up with a collage (I know, I cringe at my own lameness), I really didn't want to waste the opportunity by randomly picking 5 mix and match designs that then didn't go together! 

Here is the finished design!
 Midi ring - Shopdixi

My nails turned out exactly as I had designed and they look even better now they've been brought to life. In case any of you are interested I thought I would break down the designs so that you can create something similar or ask for the same thing at a nail salon near you:

Little finger - Lilac polish with holographic glitter and mermaid scales painted over in white
Ring finger - Lilac, purple and white marble effect with a white half moon and pink rhinestones
Middle finger - White base with a black and lilac Kenzo eye
Index finger - Lilac base with white polka dots and mixed rhinestones
Thumb - (not in the photo) Lilac base with silver and glitter crescent moon design

Let me know what you all think of the design! I would definitely love to go back and get my nails done again, the designs usually range from £20-£50 but if they last then I definitely think it's worth it, it's a lovely way to treat yourself and you wear your nails every day... I still can't stop looking at mine!

Love Ellen xx


  1. Oh wow, lucky you! What an amazing design, I love the marble effect ones x

    Josie’s Journal

  2. So cute! Love your ring :) xo

  3. Wooooow, the design looks amazing *O* love the lilac color on nails :D

  4. totally wicked! love the design and the color scheme of the nail art.

  5. So lucky! Would love to get my nails done there x


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