Sunday 15 February 2015

Monochrome Nailz

Nail Polish - Barry M

After wearing the short Primark nails for a couple of weeks I was dying to get my claws back. My flatmate said shorter nails made it look more like I had proper 'human hands' but where's the fun in that?  I love having silly nails!

White nail polish can be a surprisingly bold statement and I loved the way they looked with my all-black outfit yesterday. As usual I had piled the rings on!

Let me know what you all think!

Love Ellen xx



  1. They look amazing!! xx

  2. I've never tried white nailpolish but after seeing this post, I'll definitely try it because it looks amazing! love your rings as well <3

  3. Your nails look fab! I love white nails, the only issue I have is if my hair is recently dyed and I wash it I always accidentally tint my nails lilac haha! xx

    ☾ Liquorice Pearls ☾

  4. I am in love with this look! Amazing!

    Huge hugs


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