Friday 27 February 2015

Opal Septum Ring

If you follow me on instagram you will already have seen this, but I just had to share this beauty with you all, and posting it on here means I can actually provide a link as well. I'd seen these faux septum rings around for upwards of £20, but decided to have a browse on eBay and saw this one for only £6.99! 
Opals are by far my favourite stone, I just think they're so beautiful and I'll never get tired of looking at all the different colours within them. I never used to like septum rings (and wasn't brave enough to wear one), but I just think they look so unique and add an edge to any otherwise girly outfit.

What do you think?

Love Ellen xx


  1. Love it. I've been wanting a septum ring. cool post!
    Pay with Polka Dots

  2. this is so cool. also, weird question, you weren't by any chance in westfield yesterday were you??? i was working and pretty sure a look-a-like you came into lush! xx

  3. wow, this is so pretty! I've never seen such a cool septum ring! x

  4. Its so beautiful! I'm been obsessing over the whole faux septum ring trend I've been seeing on Instagram lately and I've been really wanting to buy a few myself. This style is just too pretty and such a nice price :)

  5. I ordered the same septum ring but the "diamonds" one a few weeks ago. Now I might order the "opal", it is so lovely !! I really loooove opal stones ❤️ Christina Xox

  6. This is really lovely and discreet ! I don't understand when I click on your ebay link, ebay tells me that the item is blocked in my country (I'm in LDN) what ?!


  7. Oeh this is gorgeous!


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