Friday 6 February 2015

London Bucket List #1

Believe it not it's already my second term living in Central London! I've absolutely loved every minute of it so far, I often find myself in total disbelief that this is my life now and I randomly start laughing in the middle of the street; I can't help but be giddy knowing that one of my life long dreams is actually a reality.
It's safe to say that last term we visited a lot of places, be it walks to Brick Lane, trips to Camden, Westfield or Oxford Street, but this time my flat mates and I are determined to continue making the most of living so close to, well, everything! We sat down the other day and wrote a list of the places we'd all like to go, so I thought I'd share some with you and also add in some of my personal ideas. One of my flat mates even had the idea of doing a 'Tour of London' outfit post series, where I do shoots at each of the destinations we visit, I personally love the idea so let me know what you all think!

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium Café - I've heard a lot about this place, inspired by similar concepts in Japan, and I really want to go! It's a well-known fact that, living in the city, most Londoners can't really have pets and that's where Lady Dinah's comes in! Whilst sat having your tea and cake, you can play with one of the many cats and kittens they have roaming around (cue half a dozen Instagram photos of cute kitties).

Into You Tattoo Parlour - Now this is a personal addition, having flatmates who are scared of needles, the pain or the idea of tattoos in general! I was recently looking for things to do around where I live and it turns out, I walk past this place every day on my way to uni. It's known to be one of the most famous tattoo parlours in London and just so happens to be where Britney Spears and Alexander McQueen got some of their tattoos done. If I were to get a small tattoo, I can't think of a better place to go. It would perfectly commemorate my time living here in the centre of London, and is also the place two of my life-long idols have had their tattoos done. I can't think of a more perfect fit.

Buckingham Palace & The London Eye - I know, I know, this should have been the first thing I did! I'm slightly ashamed of the fact that I haven't paid a visit to the Palace since being here and it's definitely somewhere we need to go this term. We contemplated going on the London Eye before but the cost just put us off, now I've just come to the conclusion though that sometimes, there's just things you have to experience when you live here and a trip on the London Eye is one of them! Southbank is also one of my favourite places in the city so it's a fab day out all-round!

Little Venice - Now this is a place I hadn't really heard anything about until around a month ago. Apparently if you get a boat at Camden Lock you arrive in Little Venice, a pretty canal area with painted boats and traditional English pubs. Definitely a must-visit when the weather starts to get a bit warmer!

Cereal Killer Café - Based in Brick Lane, the UK's first Cereal Café is only a short walk from my flat and I just have to go. For starters, I need to see what the Lucky Charms hype is all about and then who knows; decorated with 90s memorabilia and with 120 different types of cereal, 30 varieties of milk and a choice of 20 different toppings, the possibilities are endless!

Do you have any recommendations of things to do in the city? I'd love to hear your suggestions!

Love Ellen xx



  1. The Cereal Killer Cafe sounds amaaaaazing! Only found out about the Cat Cafe today too. XD

  2. 'Tour of London' sounds like a wonderful idea, when/if you decide to do it I´d love to see the outcome!

    (btw, I just discovered your blog and it looks like a dream, so Im sorry in advance for the looooong stroll im about to take on it and the possible flood of comments)
    Barbora xx


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