Wednesday 4 February 2015

Primark Nails

Photo from my Instagram - ellenatlanta

Ahh I'm so excited by these babies! On a recent trip to Primark I picked up a couple of their false nail sets - this fab monochrome striped set and a pink floral pack…for only £1 each! Admittedly, I don't use the glue they come with, instead I opt for my beloved Elegant Touch Brush on Nail Glue, but for £1 the nail art alone is so worth it! As much as I love painting my nails and creating nail art designs, perfectly even stripes like this are just far too fiddly, it's so much easier to just buy them pre-done.

These are a nice length, quite a lot shorter than I'm used to but they're much more practical than my claws. This design is such a statement, I was so excited to pair it with my new pastel blue duster coat which I also got from Primark (post coming soon) but they also make a fab addition to jazz up a black and white outfit!

Have you tried Primark's false nails?

Love Ellen xx



  1. They look so nice!

  2. Ooo I might just have to pick some of those up! x

  3. i got these nails too and used the glue that came with them. The next morning they were all over my bed :( ill have to invest in your trusty recommendation nail glue!

    Aine Oh

  4. no way from primark! look wicked xx

  5. I adore Primark false nails, they are so gorgeous. These look amazing on! :) xx

  6. Wow - that look great. Can't believe they are from Primark

    Jenn from

  7. I am totally picking up a set of these, they are amazing!

  8. Such cute nails!


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